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Author: Lydia Kay

Local Daily News 15th November

The new tax you will have to pay from January Whether you are self-employed or an employee, you will have to pay a new tax from 2023. This is the Intergenerational Equity Mechanism (MEI), a new tax that must be paid, from January 1st, 2023, by all workers who areRead More

Local Daily News 14th November

The next airport: planes that enter and leave at the same time and baggage that goes through a CT scan Security is at the epicentre of actions at the airport. Aena injects 56.3 million euros until 2026 in the Alicante-Elche aerodrome, an investment that will be allocated to eleven projectsRead More

Local Daily News 6th November

The Alicante begging ordinance displaces the homeless to Elche In the streets of Elche there are more people living on the street than a few months ago. This is confirmed by the City Council, which focuses on the fact that this increase in homelessness sleeping on the street coincides withRead More

Local Daily News 5th November

The works of the new lane from Benidorm to the N-332 will last two months and will cut the traffic of one of the roads The expansion of the N-332 as it passes through l’Alfàs del Pi not only affected land and roads in the municipality, but also had consequencesRead More

Local Daily News 4th November

The Alicante business community protests against the lack of State investment Around 2,200 people, according to the calculations of the National Police, have gathered this Thursday in front of the Government Subdelegation in Alicante, in the Plaza de la Montañeta, to demand that the central executive increase the endowments plannedRead More

Local Daily News 3rd November

The Torrevieja City Council is forced to initiate an emergency plan to stop mosquitoes The Torrevieja City Council has awarded an emergency contract for actions complementary to the current contract for disinsection, rat extermination and deworming that the Torrevieja consistory maintains. The reinforcement of the current services is composed ofRead More

Local Daily News 2nd November

The Generalitat plans to widen the CV-95 with a speed limit of 80 kilometres per hour and a bike lane More of a parkway than a highway. That is what the Generalitat is asking the consulting company to do with the contract to draw up the project for the executionRead More

Local Daily News 1st November

The last minute reservation raises the occupancy of the “bridge” to 90% with a turnover of 10 million Euros The good weather has driven last-minute bookings and the tourism sector of the Costa Blanca expects to close the bridge on November 1st with an average occupancy of 88%, and peaksRead More

Local Daily News 31st October

They register 3,500 pieces and document 400 objects in the Albatera concentration camp In February 1938, while the republican work camp was being built, photojournalist Luis Vidal documented the exact place where the team led by archaeologist and historian Felipe Mejías is working. The mounds of earth correspond to theRead More

Local Daily News 30th October

The revolution of the new old The increase in life expectancy and the improvement in physical and mental state are leading to a revolution among people who have reached the age of 65. In the province of Alicante, this population group exceeds 358,000 citizens and in 2050 it will beRead More

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