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Author: Lydia Kay

Local Daily News 29th October

How much will mortgages rise in Alicante? The bad news continues for those with a mortgage. Waiting to see the agreement reached by the Government and the financial institutions to help the most vulnerable groups, whoever has to review their mortgage in the coming weeks is going to suffer aRead More

Local Daily News 28th October

Sabadell rules out a recession and minimises the impact of the rate hike on its mortgage portfolio Those responsible for Banco Sabadell do not share the most dire forecasts and reject that the Spanish economy could enter a recession next year, as a result of inflation and rate hikes toRead More

Local Daily News 27th October

An autumn in short sleeves in the shops of Alicante Buying a coat in Alicante is a risky mission. The more than 20 degrees of temperature that are registered almost daily delay the summer campaign in Alicante businesses, which are reluctant to remove the window display with summer and autumnRead More

Local Daily News 26th October

The City Council of Torrevieja will auction 80 unused garages acquired as payment of debts About eighty owned garages that are useless is the inventory of this type of goods that the City Council of Torrevieja has at the moment. And they are a burden for municipal management and accounting.Read More

Local Daily News 25th October

Garbage collection in Orihuela collapses due to breakdowns of trucks that can’t be paid Abandonment, apathy, neglect of functions and shame are some of the comments that residents of Orihuela Costa are making about the management of the City Council in the collection of rubbish as a result of theRead More

Local Daily News 24th October

Half of foreigners in the province of Alicante still have incomes below 50% of the average The economic inequalities in the province of Alicante between native citizens and foreigners persist and the circumstances are not favourable for them to be reduced. Practically half of the people of a nationality otherRead More

Local Daily News 23rd October

The Consell promotes an action plan to regenerate the Vega Baja with research The Ministry of Innovation has launched, for the first time, a line of research focused exclusively on a specific region, in this case the Vega Baja. The Consell thus promotes an action plan to regenerate the VegaRead More

Local Daily News 22nd October

The wait in the Emergency Department of the Torrevieja Hospital is three times higher than the average in Spain The average time to receive the first emergency health care in the different autonomous communities is 52 minutes, and 199 in Torrevieja, according to the Organisation of Consumers and Users. TheRead More

Local Daily News 21st October

The hoteliers demand from the Government the 3,000 million euros in aid that have not been able to be executed The president of Hospitality in Spain, José Luis Yzuel, an association that represents the 200,000 restaurants and catering establishments, twenty thousand franchises, revealed this Thursday, within the framework of theRead More

Local Daily News 20th October

The Government cuts the Tajo-Segura for the third time in a year and there will be no transfer until December The Ministry for Ecological Transition has announced to the Commonwealth of Canals del Taiblla and the Central Irrigation Union of Tajo-Segura (not a drop has arrived for irrigation since August),Read More

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