Author: Lydia Kay

Local Daily News 8th December

The Court of Alicante does not see an attempted murder from a defendant from Elda who sprayed his wife and son with diesel The Court of Alicante has imposed sentences that add up to seven years and six months in prison for the man accused of having sprayed his partnerRead More

Local Daily News 7th December

Puig defends the “big agreements” to guarantee fairer financing and water “Major agreements” that make it possible to achieve a “more just and better” Spain and update the text of the Constitution to assume functional diversity and extend the recognition of equality to the territorial area as well. These areRead More

Local Daily News 6th December

Alicante will export 600 tons of amberjack a year to Japan after raising and fattening them in the port The Directorate of Environmental Quality of the Generalitat Valenciana -the final resolution has been published this Monday in the DOGV- has given the environmental go-ahead to the installation of a farmRead More

Local Daily News 5th December

The Generalitat is processing 24 solar plants in Elche that would supply more than 13,000 families each year The fever for renewable energy is unstoppable and the extensive Camp d’Elx is one of the territories where photovoltaic companies have set their sights on promoting 24 solar plant projects that, ifRead More

Local Daily News 4th December

The administration hinders citizen access to services with electronic bureaucracy The mandatory prior appointment model that public administrations, banks and other institutions imposed due to the restrictions on physical appointments and the reduction in face-to-face care that the pandemic forced is here to stay, but it has become a wallRead More

Local Daily News 3rd December

The Consell allocates 13.5 million in aid against floods in the Vega Baja he Generalitat has presented a new aid package to the 27 municipalities of the region, worth 13.5 million euros, so that the town councils can carry out actions to reduce the consequences of new episodes of torrentialRead More

Local Daily News 2nd December

The Church will make an inventory of the pieces that house the religious buildings of Orihuela The inventory of the heritage that houses the religious buildings owned by the Church in Orihuela begins. The Diocese has launched a project to catalogue all the pieces, one by one, so that theyRead More

Local Daily News 1st December

Elche will build a permanent shelter for the homeless next to the Cáritas overnight building The increase in homeless people in Elche is a sad reality that worries the municipality. The streets of the city have seen the number of homeless people increase coinciding with the approval of the controversialRead More

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