Barry from Watford calls local radio and takes the internet by storm

A RECORDING of a phone-in on Iain Lee’s BBC Radio show has gone viral thanks to the caller’s determination to do the right thing for his wife – and his love of a certain minty biscuit.

The subject of the phone-in was the serious matter of people abusing the Blue Badge scheme in the UK – where disabled drivers or their helpers get special parking spots at shops and the like.

“Pat” had called in to explain why Blue Badge holders need extra room, and this is where the presenter asked “Barry” from Watford to join in.

When prompted not to use brand names, poor Barry went to IMMENSE lengths to describe the snack in question.

So that he wasn’t chastised for abusing the Blue Badge, he explained he used it to buy the said biscuits on behalf of his disabled wife.

However, the call descended into genuine hilarity as Barry insisted his neighbour also helped himself from time to time.

Listen for yourself by clicking the link above.

NB: Big Radio Spain endorse ALL minty biscuits, not just Viscounts … especially the crunchy chocolately minty biscuits wrapped in silver foil.

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