CLIMATE CHAOS: January goes from being one of the driest in 2018 to one of the wettest in 2019!

IF you thought the world’s weather gets more and more crazy, here’s a statistic for you.

January 2018 was the driest for 24 years, but January 2019 was thew WETTEST for 80 years!

Spain’s own ‘Met Office’, AEMET, have released figures showing rainfall last month of 67mm throughout Costa Calida, which is also the FIFTH highest since records began some 80 years ago.

Storm Gloria contributed to most of the rainfall, but snowfall in the Benizar area of Moratalla meant figures got as high as 146mm (almost 6 inches).

Strangely, January 2019 was one of the DRIEST on record when the average rainfall across the region was recorded as 1mm.

Such inconsistency again raises the question of how much the climate os changing – and why?

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