Daily News 14th July

The National Police gives advice on how to prevent break-ins this summer.

During the summer season burglaries become a big concern for people choosing to travel, with 47% of people feeling very concerned about leaving their home unoccupied according to a study done by ADT, with one in three people stating that they knew someone who had been the victim of this type of theft. With this in mind, the National Police has given advice on how to identify signs that someone is planning to enter your home and how to prevent that from happening. Techniques burglars use to check if homes are occupied include gluing a string to the door and the frame, placing a small wooden stick against the door, or clear plastic clips between the door and the frame. If the door is opened these objects will fall, break, or change position, indicating that the house is occupied and therefore should not be considered for burglary. The National Police are urging people to call 091 immediately if you find one of these objects, without touching it or moving it. People are also being advised to use lights on times to make it appear as though people are home.

A lifeguard was assaulted on the Orihuela Costa for drawing attention to inappropriate behaviour of a user.

Said user was found kicking the rescue material for no apparent reason this past Monday 12th of July, after being called out on inappropriate behaviour. Unfortunately, this sort of behaviour is common as people seem to believe themselves above all rules, but the Ambumar service has given its lifeguards full support. 

The City Council of Elche is considering an ordinance to ban tobacco on the beaches

The municipality as started an awareness campaign along the entire coastline to reduce cigarette butts and to protect users from smoke. The smokeless beaches will be marked with a particular flag which can already be seen on certain beaches. This initiative began last year at Carabassi beach as a test run before bringing it to the entire coast of Elche. As this is an awareness project, aimed to reduce the amount of cigarette butts being disposed of in the sand, sanctions cannot be imposed on those who light a cigarette on the beach. The declaration of the beaches of Elche as smoke-free zones was a citizen initiative, put forward through the change.org platform.

A fire in a pine forest in Pilar de la Horadada near an urbanisation was put out.

The fire broke out Tuesday afternoon between the urbanisations of Mil Palmeras and Riomar. Three teams of Firefighters from the province, troops from the Torrevieja Park, two units of Forest Firefighters with two fire engines, an airplane, and a helicopter all worked up to where the fire was spreading. The fire was extinguished, with little damage to the surroundings. The dry climate and extreme weather warnings for heat prove worrying for urbanisations near forests.

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