Due to the relaxing of the lockdown regulations, the general public are now allowed out daily for exercise, This exercise is to be carried out within 1KM of your home address and has been staged to ensure high risk groups get a specific part of the day to ensure it minimises the risk of infection.
With the weather set to be very warm this weekend it is likely a lot of people will wish to take advantage of the chance to get out but this is NOT an excuse to meet up with friends or socially gather. Whilst out, you should maintain your social distancing and only go out with members of your own household. the rules on co occupying cars has not changed and you need to be out for no more that 1 hour, once per day.
The official bulletin can be found here https://www.bigradiospain.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/BOE-A-2020-4767.pdf

With thanks to the Darren Parmenter and Samantha hull for the image below

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