Local Daily News 12th March

The Vega Baja Sostenible Consortium unanimously approves its Bio-waste Management Master Plan

The Vega Baja Sostenible Consortium has today unanimously approved its Bio-waste Management Master Plan. “With this plan, we advance in our promotion of waste minimization and its environmental impact in Vega Baja,” said the president of the Consortium, Joaquín Hernández after the extraordinary meeting held today. “The Dolores Transfer Plant, which we opened this summer, will be joined by bio-waste treatment plants that will allow us to transform our organic waste into a valuable resource, compost.”

In order to continue reducing the economic and environmental cost of transporting waste, the Master Plan contemplates the creation of different organic matter treatment plants in various locations in Vega Baja. These will be the first facilities of the Vega Baja Sostenible Consortium that allow the composting and recycling of waste in the territory.

In these facilities, organic waste such as food scraps, pruning or vegetables will be composted. Thus, the organic matter that currently represents 40% of each bag of waste will have a second life in the form of compost, a natural and beneficial fertilizer for the earth.

In the Meeting, the general director of Quality and Environmental Education of the Generalitat Valenciana Joan Piquer has explained the new state tax for waste that enters the landfill. Thanks to the new facilities proposed in the Master Plan approved today, the amount of waste currently going to the landfill will be reduced, as will the economic amount that must be allocated to this new tax.

With the Bio-waste Treatment Master Plan, the Vega Baja Sostenible Consortium continues to move towards more efficient and sustainable waste management

Víctor Sarabia, from Orihuela, among the ten best wedding photographers in the world

Víctor Sarabia Grau, from Orihuela, has been selected as one of the ten best wedding photographers in the world by the Wedwar Awards, international wedding photography awards that receive these awards every year.

Víctor has been a photographer since 2011, when he discovered his passion “practically accidentally, because thanks to a providential exchange that I made with a co-worker I had the opportunity to get an analogue Nikon F60 reflex camera”, explains Víctor in the presentation of his official Web. “I never thought that this barter could radically change the way I currently see life,” he says. And what if it has changed him, because this is not the only recognition that he has obtained throughout his career, just a year ago the Wedwar Awards awarded two of his wedding photographs.

His specialty is social events, especially weddings. However, he also provides photographic services for companies, family or maternity reports, designs, etc.

He currently belongs to different groups that guarantee the quality and professionalism of the photographers. That is, a trusted certificate such as bodas.net, Wedding Photographers certificate, Celebrents or mywed.

Ximo Puig 'signs' Professor David Bernardo López Lluch for the autonomous list of the PSPV of Alicante

The list commission of the PSPV approves this Saturday, March 11, the regional candidacies for the elections next May.

The general secretary of the PSPV-PSOE and president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has opted for the renewal. And as for the main novelties, the signings of up to three independents in starting positions stand out. Among them, David Bernardo López Lluch as number 4, professor of Agro-environmental Economics and Policy in the Department of Agro-environmental Economics, Cartographic Engineering and Graphic Expression in Engineering on the UMH Orihuela campus.

In the autonomous list for Alicante there are also names of socialists from Vega Baja such as Ana Belén Juárez, councilor in Los Montesinos, at number 14 or Rubén Ferrándiz, from Pilar de la Horadada at number 17.

Anonymous heroes: Ángel, a resident of Albatera, rescues a man after falling into the sea

In the midst of so much unpleasant news, beautiful stories also occur. Although the truth is that the story that we are going to tell you next did not start well because the end could have been tragic. But luckily, there are almost always unsung heroes where they’re needed and this was one of those times.

Last Sunday, March 5, an elderly man who was in the Ocean Race area of the port of Alicante fell into the sea by accident. At that time, Ángel Castro Cebrián, a resident of Albatera, was walking around there with his wife and his children. They had decided to spend the day in Alicante and have some tapas there, not knowing that that day Ángel was going to become a real superhero.

Without hesitation, Ángel jumped into the water to rescue this man from drowning. «My reaction was to take off my bag and I yelled, what do I do?! because I don’t know how to swim, but I jumped in anyway and as I saw that I was more or less floating, I tried it”, Ángel admits in statements to this medium. He recounts that it was difficult due to various aspects: «When I come into contact with the water I notice that I am beginning to lack air, the water was frozen and I have Raynaud’s disease that causes a feeling of numbness and cold in some areas of the body, such as fingers and toes, in response to cold temperatures or stress”, this resident of Albatera tells us, and goes on to explain that “I was still swimming like a dog, I took the man back with the fear that he would It made him nervous and when he grabbed us we both went to the bottom, but luckily he reacted well, in the sense that despite how nervous he was he did not make any strange movement that endangered the rescue ».

The families of both and the witnesses were surprised and anguished, because the difficulty and danger continued: “I took him to the jetty with the bad luck that the man turned around me, as I could I turned him around but between the cold and my disease was very complicated, in the end everything affects. Even so, I managed to carry it as best I could to the breakwater and they helped us get it up. There I already turned around to go up the other side and not disturb, ”says Ángel.

The Port Police and a medical team in a SAMU unit immediately appeared, thanking Ángel for his courage and generosity, although they warned him that “it had been a very dangerous action because the sea temperatures were very low and the body did not react », insists this anonymous hero.

The medical team treated the man, put him on oxygen and took him by ambulance to the hospital. “I don’t know if he’s okay, because I haven’t heard anything again, but I would like to know that after taking him away he has recovered,” Ángel confesses to us, who has acknowledged that “all the people behaved very well with me, but I insisted that they would pay more attention to the man who had spent more time in the water.” They offered Ángel a hot drink and soup to keep him warm, as well as thermal blankets. “I also want to thank Pepe and his wife who were with me at all times preventing the cold from getting worse, because I was on a secluded bench so as not to hinder the toilets with the man, and the truth is that I was shaking.”

Laughing, he tells us the anecdote of the day: «My wife went to buy me clothes to change into because I was soaked, she went to look for a clothing store open on a Sunday, a complicated task, the only thing she found was women’s clothing, so she I wasted all Sunday walking and having tapas in Alicante with women’s clothes, but I didn’t care, the only thing that was in my head was that the man was fine ».

«I do not consider myself a hero, I am a normal person who has helped a person at that time, and more so being an older person. And although one does not know how to swim, at that moment one learns to do what is necessary”, confesses Ángel, this resident of Albatera who, after this act, although he does not consider himself a hero, has shown that his name is totally correct.

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