Local Daily News 14th March

Micro rocket to be launched from Spain

PLD Space’s MIURA1 sub-orbital launcher will operate up to four times a year, and launch from the El Arenosillo launch site at Huelva, in Andalusia.

The firm announced during Friday’s press conference that it has plans to develop a larger launcher in the coming years, which will put satellites into orbit.

Products recalled over milk contamination

The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition – AESAN – has issued an alert notice for a number of pastry products, as well as some almond drinks and select ranges of jelly babies, due to the presence of undeclared milk proteins.

In a statement issued at the weekend, officials said that those who had purchaed Petisú Maltitol and Puff Pastry Vanilla Matitol from the Industria Confitera Colmenar brand should be aware of the presence of milk.

Meanwhile one-litre containers of Alpro Almond drink with an expiration date of August 16, 2023 are also found to contain milk.

Finally Chupa Chups Sour Mini Tubes, lot number L2082 were found to contain gluten when previously not listed on the products ingredients.

People with gluten or dairy intolerances are being advised not to consume the products and to return them for a full refund.

The products do not pose a health risk to those who do not have intolerances.

Retail sales rose 5.5% in January

Retail sales rose 5.5% in January, accoridng to data released by the National Statistics Institute – INE – on Friday.

The data suggests a strong increase in consumer spending compared to December, with an increase of 0.7% compared to December.

Publishing the latest figures, the INE also confirmed that they had revised upwards their December 2022 figures, with sales rising from an initially forecast of 4.0% to 4.8% in December.

Vegara regrets that "Puig remembers Vega Baja ahead of the elections"

The PP candidate for mayor of Orihuela, Pepe Vegara, has criticized this Monday that the Consell de Ximo Puig “remembers Vega Baja only when the elections arrive, despite the fact that the region has been completely forgotten for eight years” .

“Puig has sent his Minister of Health today to take a photo of a mere administrative act, such as the signing of the act of rethinking the hospital works, works that have been appearing in the budgets since 2017 without us yet knowing anything about them. them”, laments Vegara.

For the candidate for Mayor of Orihuela, today’s photo “has a clear electoral stink and is a deception for the citizens, who elect their rulers to work day by day and not only when we are just over two months away from hold the elections.”

Vegara criticizes the health situation in which the department of Vega Baja finds itself. “It is inadmissible that we have to wait almost a year for an ultrasound to be performed, caused on many occasions by the lack of health professionals, something that is also suffered in Primary Care.” Vegara adds that another “unfortunate example” is the pathology tests, “with more than a thousand tests pending, since the two technicians that were there have gone to another hospital and are currently at low levels. We are talking about a diagnostic test that can delay vital treatments such as cancer”.

“We cannot forget, and it is also a priority, the situation of collapse and delay that the Orihuela Costa health center has. We demand the construction of a second health center, since if it is already saturated during the low season, it increases in summer”.

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