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Ecologists and neighbours warn of deficiencies in the 2023 budget of the Rubbish Consortium

Ecologistas en Acción, the “San Miguel Arcángel” neighbourhood association of San Miguel de Salinas and Segura Transparente, which are part of the Citizen Participation Council of the Vega Baja Sostenible Consortium, which manages waste from the 27 municipalities of the region, have presented allegations to the entity’s budget, which has approved accounts for 2023 of almost 18 million euros so that throughout this year the region has its own waste treatment facilities.

The environmental and neighbourhood groups warn that public participation in the process is being ignored and that there are errors in the public presentation phase of the budget, for which they ask that the procedure be annulled due to “procedural deficiencies” and that it be reintroduced to start the process once they have been corrected.

In this sense, they allege that there has been “a breach of the deadlines”, since the file was posted on the transparency portal on December 28th, despite the fact that it was the 21st when the president of the Consortium, Joaquín Hernández, submitted to public information the initial approval of the budget and the staff template for a period of 15 days for the presentation of claims and proposals. In this way, they argue that the documentation was accessible to the public only 11 of the 15 days of the term.

In addition, they point out that “the content is incomplete.” According to the regulations, the Intervention report and the stability and compliance with the spending rule report would be missing, as well as the certification of the initial approval agreement by the secretary with the approval of the president.

Finally, they indicate that the budget includes an item for the bio-waste management project without its having been approved, so “it cannot be executed or included in the expenses”.

Sources from Ecologistas en Acción explain that after these allegations the Consortium has tried to correct the deficiencies “in an erroneous way”. Thus, eleven new documents have been added to the electronic headquarters. However, the Official Gazette of the Province has published this Friday an extension of the public exhibition until Monday the 16th; that is, just one more business day, indicate the same sources.

This is not the first time that members of the Consortium’s Citizen Participation Council, a recently created body, have criticised this process. Specifically, in October he presented allegations to the master plan for bio-waste management, considering that “it dispenses with prior consultations with citizens, ignores the Participation Council and lacks a strategic environmental study.”

The investments included in the budgets focus on the implementation of the network of mobile eco parks -which will go from one to five to promote selective collection-, the recovery for the consortium of the Torrevieja fixed ecopark and the full operation of the Dolores transfer plant. The garbage management entity in Vega Baja plans to manage 196,000 tons of waste, once the new facilities are commissioned.

According to forecasts, this month the service will begin with three mobile eco parks aimed at all municipalities, while the other two are expected to be operational in April. As for the Torrevieja fixed ecopark, a modernization will be carried out, although the winning company continues to be, for the moment, in charge of management.

Sensitise with images of how much one suffers when losing a baby

Raise awareness about perinatal grief by reaching the most intimate part of those families that have suffered the loss of a baby during pregnancy or after birth. That is the mission of a working group from the Alicante College of Nursing that has prepared an exhibition that can be visited for the first time, and until January 27th, at the General University Hospital of Elche, specifically in the lobby of the consultation building.

As indicated by the health department, the exhibition includes different initiatives, resources and photographs donated by families who have wanted to share a very intimate, valuable and painful part of their lives to make up the exhibition, “Forever: a journey through the perinatal mourning”.

In the exhibition, numerous families from the province of Alicante have participated by sharing a piece of their most intimate life to break the taboos that perinatal death entails, “and it is that this death, when life had just begun, is loaded with silences and well-intentioned phrases that, far from being good, make the grieving process difficult: better now than later, you are young, you will have more… As if children were replaceable, or as if there were a ball of time to see the future ”, stand out from the hospital.

The exhibition also includes images of actions that take place in the streets, such as the lighting of the Molí Real, the memory space created in the municipal park of Elche, and the presentation of the “Duelo Perinatal Elche” association.

The initiative is open to other hospitals, health centres or places that want to request it. In the case of the General Hospital of Elche, the rehabilitation physician Susy Cortés and the midwife of the Obstetric-Gynecological Emergency area, Esperanza Martínez, have been in charge of the initiative and of bringing it to the Elche hospital.

A young man run over by the TRAM dies in San Vicente

Tragic event near the University of Alicante. A young cyclist has died after being run over this Saturday by the TRAM in San Vicente del Raspeig, in front of the Cristo de la Paz funeral home.

The event occurred around 7:30 p.m., when the deceased, an adolescent male, was trapped under the vehicle. The victim has lost his life on the spot, without the rescue teams having been able to transfer him to a hospital.

Half a dozen troops from the San Vicente park have participated in the rescue operation – which has lasted for about an hour – along with a Headquarters Command Unit, a Heavy Urban Bomb and a Various Salvage Van.

The Ocean Race has already received the visit of 160,000 people in the port of Alicante

The regional secretary of Tourism, Francesc Colomer, highlighted this Friday that the start of The Ocean Race regatta from the port of Alicante “positions, projects and places Alicante on the map of the positive in the world in something as fundamental as it is nautical culture. “From Turisme we contribute with a program to promote the value of gastronomy through our brand L’Exquisit Mediterrani.” Until this Friday the Ocean Race has received 160,000 visitors, in the edition that is already guessed as the most crowded in history. Regarding the departure from Alicante, this weekend is missing.The Civil Guard has also joined the events on the occasion of the Ocean Race and this Saturday the transoceanic boat/patrol boat Río Segura opens its doors to the public. Visits can be made from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Francesc Colomer visited this Friday the ‘Ocean Live Park’ venue in the Port of Alicante which, on the occasion of the departure of ‘The Ocean Race’ on January 15, hosts an extensive program of sports, gastronomic, cultural and leisure activities for all audiences.

Colomer has visited, accompanied by the Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Tourism of the Alicante City Council, Mari Carmen Sánchez, the show cooking space that Turisme Comunitat Valenciana, through L’Exquisit Mediterrani, and the Alicante City&Beach Tourist Board, have installed in the ‘ Ocean Live Park’ to value the local gastronomy.

In this space, through the gastro tourism brand ‘Exquisit Mediterrani’, Turisme has programmed different showcookings between January 7th and 15th, thanks to the collaboration agreement signed with the Alicante City Council.

The head of Turisme has remarked that The Ocean Race regatta is “an event of global relevance” and has stressed the importance of the choice of Alicante to be the port for the entire Valencian Community.

Thus, he explained that the interest of the Generalitat “is to reinforce the Alicante brand and the Valencian Community brand as a brand linked to the Mediterranean Sea and to the marine culture, since we cannot live with our backs to the sea”.

In addition, he has pointed out that from Turisme “we have been disseminating through digital media since last October” the programming of Alicante Port of Departure that has been organised by the Projects for Digital Transformation Society (SPTD).

On Thursday the head of the Consell, Ximo Puig shared a popular chocolate party and a night festival with 200 drones run by the company Umiles. Puig gave a brief speech in which he celebrated that the port of Alicante has hosted the fifth edition of the start of the Ocean Race, he certified that in 2027 it will start again. The Consell works so that the Ocean’s relationship with Alicante is definitive. “An adventure always has an unexpected ending but for Alicante it is not. Alicante has already won,” considers the president.

The head of the Consell thanked the regatta organisers for their confidence in having placed “Alicante in the logbook of the biggest competition in the world.” A test of six months of navigation, 32,000 miles and seven extremely hard stages to go around the world. “Every great challenge operates a profound transformation in its protagonists.”

The President of the Generalitat also considers that the fact that Alicante is the starting point for the Ocean Race confirms that Alicante is on the path of all the great changes of our time. “That is why we have the Ocean Race to continue promoting progress, sustainability and innovation in Alicante”. “Alicante is at the forefront of the great changes of the 21st century, Alicante has already won,” Puig stressed.

The Minister for Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society, Josefina Bueno, has announced the Alicante Aventura Junior school programme, which is carried out in collaboration with the Alicante Costa Blanca Yacht Club (School Approved by the Sailing Federation of the Valencian Community ) during the Ocean Race. This program contemplates carrying out a nautical experience workshop for around 2,450 schoolchildren from educational centres in Alicante, with the mission of awakening interest in the world of sport, in this case nautical. The activity takes place from Monday the 9th to Friday the 13th of January in the mornings where the baptism of the sea and the workshop on sailor knots will take place.

The councilor has stated that “the schoolchildren who are attending the workshops that are being carried out on the occasion of the Ocean Race is a value that must be highlighted because there are many children who are getting on a boat for the first time or who are going to become aware of the marine environment”.

The age range of the users of these workshops is Infant and Primary (up to fourth grade, because fifth and sixth are going to try-sailing activities).

The workshops that are being carried out refer to sustainable practices. One of the most popular is healthy eating, which consists of transplanting some lettuce and is used to explain a little about food.

Also the other one that is surprisingly most successful is one of crafts that are carried like a small puppet of coloured jellyfish. There is also a workshop that explains what the Mediterranean Posidonia is.

Special education groups from special schools are participating: on Saturday a group from APSA attended who really enjoyed the experience, and these days they have received visits from various special education groups from schools.

In addition, the Minister of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society, Josefina Bueno, has valued the work of raising awareness about caring for the environment carried out by Alicante Puerto de la Salida (APS) through the programming developed by the January 7th to 15th, on the occasion of the Departure (APS) of the Sailing Tour of the World of The Ocean Race.

The Generalitat Valenciana, through the Ministry of Innovation and the Project Society for Digital Transformation (SPTD), organises this edition of Alicante Port of Departure, with a program designed especially for the enjoyment of the public of all ages, in the vast majority of them free of charge, around the values of sailing, sustainability and innovation.

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