Local Daily News 15th June

The boom in the real estate market triggers the income of the Generalitat in the province

Owners and promoters are not the only ones who are benefiting from the boom that the Alicante real estate market has been experiencing since the end of the lockdown and, especially, since last summer. The increase in the number of operations and the rise in real estate prices are also helping to fill the public coffers, at a time when it is more necessary than ever to pay the bills for the increased social spending of the pandemic. An improvement that is being felt particularly in the collection of the Generalitat, which, like the rest of the regional governments, is the main recipient of the taxes paid on second-hand property sales. A segment that currently accounts for around 87% of total transactions.

Thus, according to the latest available data, the income of the Valencian Tax Agency (ATV) in the province of Alicante has increased by 59.2% in the first five months of the year, reaching 416.7 million euros, compared to 261 million in the same period of 2021. An increase well above that registered in the autonomy as a whole, where collection until May amounted to 867.3 million, 37.5% more than in the last year.

Although the truth is that the increase in collection has been recorded in all the taxes and fees managed by the autonomous body, the main reason for such high growth in the province must be found in the evolution of the so-called Property Transfer Tax, which with In general, a 10% tax is levied on the purchase and sale of second-hand homes, with some exceptions such as VPOs or operations involving minors under 35 years of age who do not reach a certain income, to which a special reduced rate is applied.

Between January and May, the collection for this tax in Alicante amounted to 285.9 million euros, which is 68.1% more than in the same period of 2021. Results that, according to the director of the ATV, Sonia Díaz, reflect both the increase in the number of operations that have occurred in this period, and the increase in property prices.

In this regard, it must be remembered that only in the first four months of the year the number of home sales soared by nearly 50% in the province, according to the National Institute of Statistics, and that the average appraised value of houses has risen by 8, 7% in the last year, according to the latest data from the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda.

On the other hand, the ATV data also reflects a very significant increase in income from the Inheritance Tax, which is paid when formalising inheritances. So far this year, payments total 53.1 million euros, 52.9% more than in 2021. In this case, the increase has a double explanation, according to Sonia Díaz. On the one hand, the figures reflect the last blows of the increase in mortality that was registered during the pandemic, which translated into an increase in inheritances processed. But, on the other hand, from the regional tax body they are also analysing whether part of this higher collection is due to the entry into force of the new Cadastral Reference Value that is used to calculate the tax base of this tax and that has been in force since the past January 1st.

For its part, the Tax on Documented Legal Acts collected 51.09 million, 30.4% more, while rates and taxes related to gaming generated income of 23.22 million, 54.2% more.

On the other hand, Díaz highlights the little difference that exists between the recognized tax rights -that is, the collection rights that are generated in favor of the Administration-, which amounted to 901.1 million at the regional level, and the effective income, which totaled 867.3 million. A fact that indicates the high degree of compliance of Valencian taxpayers and also that, at least for now, the uncertainty that hangs over the economy has not begun to make a dent in their ability to pay. In other words, there is no increase in delinquency.

One of the new emergency reinforcement chiefs of the Torrevieja Hospital does not last two weeks in office

One of the emergency management reinforcements signed by the Ministry of Health at the Torrevieja Hospital has barely lasted two weeks in the post. The coordinator of the service has left their office, sources from the management of the health department have confirmed. The same sources indicate that the Head of Service “continues to carry out his assistance and management work in the Emergency Service. He is the head of the service and continues in his position working normally, he is the person in charge of directing the new project to all the effects”.

While the professional who carried out coordination tasks “has decided to develop other personal training projects not linked to the hospital”. Thus, the maximum person in charge remains, for the moment, in the position, but the service loses a doctor, which is what is truly remarkable in the circumstances in which the Hospital will welcome the month of July.

In October 2021, when the health department passed into public management, the heads of the Service left the Hospital. In January, a new doctor took over the management who took steps to normalise care but resigned in the middle of Easter due to the alleged lack of support for his work and the changes he had promoted. From that date until June, the coordination was in charge of doctors from other services accidentally. On June 1st, the two new responsible doctors began their duties.

The truth is that it has been two very intense weeks. The welcome to the two new doctors was preceded and accompanied by a battery of complaints about the delay in patient care, with waits of more than five and even ten hours for serious cases -something that has been recorded in the management system of the hospital itself and in discharge reports. Especially during the weekends. Public complaints, which could have a subsequent judicial review, which have been made by patients but also on behalf of the service professionals themselves. One of the doctors, Ernesto Álvarez, came to assure on social networks that a serious patient of about 55 years died due to the delay. After waiting 9 hours in the corridors, he returned to his house and when he returned to the health centre shortly after, he was already in critical condition and nothing could be done to save his life. There has also been another case of a patient who was seen by a doctor in a kind of consultation for mild cases, where a necrosis was not detected in a toe that had to be noted shortly after at the General Hospital of Elche. The case of a disabled patient -with a mild pathology- who was waiting 23 hours by mistake in a place other than the Emergency waiting room to be treated has also been reported. Specific case for which the health centre apologised, assuring that it was a totally exceptional situation.

One of the emergency physicians with the most experience in the service, almost fifteen years, José Peris left the service a few days ago, exhausted from a situation to which he saw no solution. While part of the twenty doctors assigned to the service publicly questioned that the two new bosses did not “see patients” to lend a hand in work shifts with four or five doctors when they should be twice as many. The service officially has just over 20 doctors when there should be 36. This last figure is ideal and is provided by the management itself. In the background of this work environment there is also the pressure of a platform -Excellent Health- headed by a former PP mayor, and closely linked to former PP positions, which has been radically against the direct management of the department by the Ministry of Health since last October and in defence of the private concession of the management carried out by Ribera (a health company that belongs to the North American insurance group Centene Corporation). The platform has mailed Torrevieja with brochures to encourage residents to report the department’s malfunction on a specific site on Facebook, although the brochure, in full colour, is not signed.

The resignation of this position of Emergencies comes when the Ministry of Health is looking for alternatives against the clock to the lack of doctors. Among them, collect reinforcements exclusively for this summer from other health centres so that they come to the emergency room to help, it is unknown under what incentives. It is also planned that in times of special care pressure, patients will be referred to nearby reference hospitals. In addition, a rapid consultation of minor cases will be enabled in the hospital itself to reduce delays and use, when possible, specialists from the centre itself.

The bipartisan activates the socialist proposal of an abolitionist ordinance of prostitution in Alicante

Barely two and a half months after the ordinance against begging and prostitution in Alicante, officially known as the Civic Coexistence Ordinance, came into force, the Governing Board plans to start this Tuesday the process of the regulatory proposal for an abolitionist ordinance of prostitution and sexual exploitation. The initiative, promoted by the Socialists, clashes squarely with the controversial ordinance already in place since the end of March, since it would reject any sanction for prostituted women (which can now reach 750 euros) and, on the other hand, would increase the fines for soliciting sexual services (up to 3,000 euros). “With this rule we will try to deal with pimping in all its forms, with locative third parties and that those who turn to prostitution be punished,” says the socialist councilor Llano Cano.

The socialist initiative at the municipal level follows the line set by the Generalitat which “encourages the municipalities of the Valencian Community to adopt the model developed within the framework of the Valencian Forum for the Abolition of Prostitution”. It is also promoted a few days after Congress gave the green light to process the bill to criminally prosecute pimping and fine those who turn to prostitution, with the support of the PP.

The regulatory proposal was presented a week ago to the General Secretariat of the Plenary, which now sends it to the Local Government Board “so that it is submitted to a legal report and, where appropriate, to a technical and economic report, for a period of thirty days”. The normative proposal, together with the reports and an assessment of the Governing Board itself on the opportunity and origin of the normative initiative, will be sent again to the General Secretariat of the Plenary, to initiate the process before the corresponding commission, in accordance with established for the projects.

After the period of hearing and public information, the procedure will be the same as in the case of projects, but the Local Government Board will limit itself to informing what it deems appropriate and forwarding the entire file through the competent department in the matter. , to the Secretary of the Plenary.

The plenary committee will assess the allegations, claims and suggestions presented, and the reports issued as well as that of the Local Government Board, and will decide in its opinion, whether to maintain the text of the initially approved regulatory proposal or modify it for the purposes of presenting it to the plenary for final approval.

This was the procedure that recently went through the socialist proposal for an ordinance that would shield the equality policies in the Alicante City Council. The initiative was knocked down in plenary committee after a joint manoeuvre by the partners of the bipartisan and Vox, by carrying out an amendment to the entire “rejection and return” of the document so that “the City Council works and dedicates its efforts to equality through the opportune municipal plan with which they work”.

The normative initiative of the Socialists prohibits the demand for prostitution, which it considers a serious infraction, and sanctions it with fines of up to 1,500 euros. In addition, if the demand occurs less than 200 metres from an educational centre, from places with an influx of children or from the celebration of a festive or sports act, it considers the infraction as very serious and sanctions it with a fine of up to 3,000 euros. Those who collaborate with sex claimants will be sanctioned.

On the other hand, it prohibits advertising that promotes the consumption of prostitution, which it considers a minor infraction, and sanctions it with fines of up to 750 euros. Both the person who materially executes the act of advertising and the advertiser will be responsible.

The ordinance, on the other hand, recognizes women in a situation of prostitution as victims of gender violence. Consequently, it will not penalize prostituted persons in any case. In addition, it promotes measures to guarantee the protection of their rights, according to the text of the socialists. It also provides for the approval of a comprehensive municipal action plan, which contains measures so that women in a situation of prostitution have access to services and resources that allow them to leave the prostitution system. This plan will include social, labour, training and housing support actions.

A woman has been arrested for killing her two-year-old son in Bigastro

Agents of the Civil Guard have arrested a 32-year-old woman of Albanian nationality this Monday for killing her two-year-old son in Bigastro. The woman, with a history of drug addiction, alleged a domestic accident in which her son had hit his head, but the autopsy has revealed that he suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest but that death was not due to natural causes. He had bruises on his neck and injuries consistent with previous episodes of alleged ill-treatment. The twin brother of the deceased was transferred by court order to the General Hospital of Alicante, where it has been verified that there are also signs of previous injuries, for which the Civil Guard has accused the mother of a crime of homicide and another of injuries to the family environment for the other child.

The event occurred last Saturday night at a home in the urban area of ​​Bigastro. 112 received a notice alerting to the presence of a two-year-old child who was foaming at the mouth and had dyspnea. At first, the mother claimed that her son had accidentally ran into a table while he was playing and was not breathing.

When the Local Police arrived at the house, the boy was unconscious and they could not revive him.

The SAMU medical team that attended the emergency could only confirm the death of the child and required the presence of the Civil Guard.

The Local Police also gave notice to the social services of the City Council, as established by the protocol, according to municipal sources, which indicate that for a few months they had been given financial aid as they did not have resources and were alone with three children, both twins and an 8 year old girl.

The mother was admitted the next day to the Psychiatry ward of the Vega Baja Regional Hospital in Orihuela for a suicide attempt and after being discharged from hospital, she was detained by the Civil Guard after learning the results of a CT scan and magnetic resonance imaging performed on the body. of the minor in the hospital. These postmortem tests revealed that the child had multiple internal injuries and a history of previous injuries, confirming habitual abuse. An autopsy was performed on Tuesday at the Institute of Legal Medicine in Alicante and confirmed that it was a violent death.

The Civil Guard suspects that the alleged accidental blow was caused by the now-detainee.

Once the possible violent death of the child and the mother’s attempted suicide were confirmed, the court ordered the transfer of his twin brother to a hospital in order to be examined to see if he also had any internal injuries, since he also possible old injuries were appreciated. In fact, the mother had previously been in the hospital to treat at least one of her twin sons for other injuries.

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