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Spanish military complete first round of training for ukrainians on tanks

Spanish military forces have been training 55 Ukrainian troops in Zaragoza on how to use and operate Leopard battle tanks.

This week has seen the completion of the first round of training on the Leopard 2 A4 battle tanks. Alongside the battle operation of the vehicles, mechanics have also been trained up on how to repair and service the tanks.
Training began nearly a month ago, and the first group have now completed their courses, with a second cohort due to begin training shortly at the Toledo Training Coordination Center.

Spain has promised a number of the tanks to Ukraine to help repel the ongoing invasion by Russia.

Arrested in Orihuela while driving drunk with a license of a deceased person

The Orihuela Local Police have shared on their social networks the arrest of a man who was driving a vehicle drunk at dawn from Sunday to Monday. The man while parking collided with the facade of an establishment.

The police then verified that the aforementioned was driving under the influence of alcohol and that the license he had belonged to a deceased person as well as the ownership of the vehicle that also belonged to the deceased. Therefore, the police accuse him of the crimes of identity theft, another against road safety for not having a driver’s license and he was also reported for a positive breathalyzer.

IBEX falls at highest rate since June 2022

The collapse of American tech bank Silicon Valley Bank has caused the largest drop in the financial market in Madrid since June 2022.

At close of trading yesterday, the IBEX lost 3.51%, a fall of 326.1 points compared to the start of trading.
Investors have been spooked by the collapse of the bank in the United States, over fears of a looming financial crisis.

Vox motion of no-confidence to be debated next week

The motion of no confidence which was tabled by far-right party Vox is due to be debated on the 21st and 22nd March, it was confirmed Monday.

Independent former politician Ramón Tamames has been nominated by the party as an alternative prime minister, it was confirmed by the Speaker of the House Meritxell Batet.

The debate however is expected to fail due to a lack of support from opposition parties including PP, who have called the vote damaging, and could weaken their party’s position ahead of May’s munincipal elections and the expected General Election at the end of the year.

89-year-old Ramón Tamames will speak at a time and period that suits him, it was confirmed, shortly ahead of prime minister Pedro Sanchez’s planned trips to Brussels and the Dominican Republic.

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