Local Daily News 16th March

Legal text over british driving licenses approved by government

The Spanish Government has approved the legal text surrounding the ability for British citizens to exchange their driving licences for a Spanish one without the need to take a driving test.

After years of negoitations, cabinet finally approved the agreement which was made between the Spanish and British governments earlier this year.

Ambassador Hugh Elliott made the announcement Tuesday afternoon.

IBEX35 returns to strength after early week wobble

The Ibex35 has returned to positive territory following Monday’s fall after the collapse of American Silicon Valley Bank.

At end of day trading, the market rose 2.23% recovering much of the values lost at the start of the week.

Shares in Meliá Hotels and Banco Sabadell, BBVA and Banco Santander rose sharply during the trading day.

Drug sub refloated by Guardia Civil

Guardia Civil in Pontevedra have refloated a submarine that was designed to transport drugs across the coast.

Officers brought the vessel to the surface in a harbour near to Arousa, where the boat was discovered.

Once refloated investigators in Galicia found it to be empty of both people and drugs, and is believed to have sunk after being emptied.

The boat had the capacity to carry up to five tonnes of drugs.

Green light for the first step to make the Ciudad Deportiva de Orihuela a reality

Green light by a majority of the Orihuela City Council Plenary to the process that can begin to comply with the claimed and long-awaited Ciudad Deportiva de Orihuela, but not before a tense debate and a string of reproaches.

This Thursday, an extraordinary plenary session was held with a single point where the government team has voted to request the Segura Hydrographic Confederation (CHS) to apply the special regime provided for in article 9 quater of the Hydraulic Public Domain Regulations , that is, to take advantage of a clause by which, as a municipality with more than 1/3 of the flood-prone area, it can have endowment land for sensitive services or equipment or essential public infrastructures for the urban nucleus such as schools, health or sports centers, such as This is the case that concerns us and that would be projected on the Arneva road, provided that the corrective measures dictated by the basin body are met. A starting point has been exposed by the Councilor for Town Planning of the Ciudadanos group, José Aix.

An urban planning proposal that the Popular Party has regretted was hindered when they governed alongside Ciudadanos. The former mayor of the PP, Emilio Bascuñana, has criticized, in this sense, the management of Aix while they were government partners, since he blocked every proposal that he wanted to execute as the Sports City.

Bascuñana has thus recriminated the attitude of Cs and the “deception, he has said, towards the public with messages far from reality and in which the spokesman for Cambiemos, Carlos Bernabé, has agreed, referring to the fact that what was approved in today’s plenary session It is not linked to the Ciudad Deportiva becoming a reality, however, it has been sold as “a great advertisement” that it calls “electoralist”.

In this regard, Mayor Carolina Gracia has emphasized that she has been working on this issue for months.

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