Local Daily News 17th March

National Geographic focuses on Easter in Orihuela

National Geographic has published an article on its website in which they present the 26 Holy Weeks in Spain that are recognized as Festivals of International Tourist Interest. Among them, the Holy Week in Orihuela has this recognition, granted in 2010 by the General Secretariat of Tourism of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce.

The article focuses on the origins of Holy Week in Orihuela. Some beginnings linked to the Chapel of Loreto, located on Calle Mayor, next to the Episcopal Palace, founded in 1536. Four brotherhoods had their headquarters there: Santísimo Sacramento, Purísima Sangre de Cristo, Nuestra Señora del Loreto and Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados. “His obligations were to provide the wax that was consumed in the Cathedral and bury those who died helpless and sentenced by justice. Their first parade was on Good Friday when they went out to beg”, they explain in the article.

Among the lines of the review, the editor Asun Luján of National Geographic highlights “among the most sublime moments of Holy Week in Orihuela are «El Encuentro», at midnight on Passion Sunday, when the brotherhoods meet in the Plaza de Miguel Hernández, and when the Cruz de los Labradores parades, popularly known as “La Diablesa”, which is the oldest and most beloved sculptural group of Holy Week in Orihuela. The city has a Holy Week Museum”, they conclude in the article.

Morocco to join Spanish and Portuguese World Cup

Morocco has said they have joined Spain and Portugal in a three-way bid to host the 2030 Fifa World Cup.

Originally Ukraine had joined the bid last October, however it is unclear wether they will also remain as joint host country. Morocco missed out to South Africa in the race to host the 2010 World Cup. Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay have also submitted a joint bid to host the 2030 World Cup.

Unions give backing to changes to public pensions

Reforms to national public pension schemes have got the backing of two of Spain’s main unions, in a boost for the Governments proposals.

Leaders from the UGT and CC.OO unions appeared with Minister of Social Security José Luis Escrivá in Madrid to announce their support for the scheme that will see social security costs for higher wage earners rise to cover estimated costs of the future retired population.

Pension reform was one of the terms for Spain to receive billions in funds from the European Union as part of it’s post pandemic recovery package. The plans were signed off by the European Commission last week.

However business groups have criticised the plans, saying it will increase the financial burden on companies.

The draft legislative text is due to be approved today at the Moncloa.

Spain confirms a further four tanks for Ukraine

The Spanish Government has confirmed that a further four Leopard tanks are to be sent to Ukraine, bringing the total number being sent to ten.

During a meeting of the Contact Group for the defense of Ukraine, Defense Minister Margarita Robles confirmed the additional vehicles after it was proposed recently by prime minister Pedro Sanchez.

This week saw training for the first group of Ukrainian forces come to an end in Spain, with 55 fighters and mechanics due to return to the front line in the coming weeks with the tanks, which is hoped will repel the ongoing Russian invasion in the country.

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