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Covid admissions rise 40% in the Torrevieja Hospital in a week with 20 hospitalised

Covid is still there. Covid admissions at the University Hospital of Torrevieja have rebounded strongly in the last week. The health centre that serves the population of Torrevieja and nine other municipalities on the coast and pre-coastal of Vega Baja has 20 patients hospitalised with coronavirus. Two of them in ICU. During this last week, two people have lost their lives due to the disease, according to health sources.

Until June 12th, the number of hospitalised patients was 12, so there has been an increase of 40% in seven days, although starting from a very low occupancy figure as well as the patients monitored in the ICU, which continues to be the same – two patients. During much of the months of March and April, covid in the University Hospital had been contained in very low hospital occupancy figures, just six patients on the floor and the ICU free of the virus.

With this data, the department raises its alert level against covid to a medium level, compared to the low level of most regions of the Valencian Community. After the changes in the criteria for assessing the pandemic, there are now five levels that attend above all to the incidence of cases in people over 60 years of age – which are the ones that are reported to the greatest extent – and to the occupancy rate of hospital and ICU beds. They are the “new normal”, “low”, “medium”, “high” and “very high” alert levels. This rebound situation occurs in a context in which covid restrictions have ceased to be in force for months and only the obligation to wear a mask in health spaces and public transport remains.

The Intensive Care Unit has a theoretical capacity of 18 beds. During the first and third waves of the pandemic, this unit had to double its capacity, separately, to care for covid patients on the one hand and patients who needed intensive care, on the other.

The occupation that the hospital of Torrevieja registers at the moment is not worrying, but the increase in the incidence is, especially among those over sixty years of age, above all because it coincides with an important care pressure in the Emergency Department, in admissions and in general all the services from the centre due to the imminence of the high season. With the end of the school year, the arrival of thousands of residential tourists of national origin is already noticeable. In addition, in the last two months, the Emergency Department has experienced saturation situations both due to the lack of doctors and the influx of patients.

The 14-day cumulative incidence in people over 60 years of age is 294.96 per one hundred thousand inhabitants in the Department of Orihuela, with 53 cases of people over 60 years of age in Orihuela city in the last two weeks and 119 in the department as a whole. While in Torrevieja it has been 176.92, with 78 cases notified in the same age group in its municipal district, 53 in Orihuela Costa and a total of 178 in the group of ten municipalities, with a constant growth in the last weeks.

The municipalities of Almoradí, Callosa de Segura, Guardamar and Pilar de la Horadada, have a virus reproduction rate greater than one, according to the weekly reports of the Vega Baja Public Health area, an index that reflects that the transmission of the virus is expanding in a population.

The Torrevieja Hospital covers a potential registered population of approximately 170,000 users with a SIP card, residing in the municipalities of Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa, Pilar de la Horadada, Rojales, Guardamar del Segura, San Miguel de Salinas, San Fulgencio, Los Montesinos, Benijófar and Formentera del Segura, towns served by the Torrevieja health department. However, this figure can triple with displaced persons from other autonomous communities of the national territory who have the same rights to receive public health care also in their vacation spot.

Benidorm asks Education for 132,000 euros to organise extracurricular activities and educational reinforcement

Benidorm City Council has requested a grant of 131,791.94 euros from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports to develop the third edition of the ‘Activem els col les’ project, a program of extracurricular and complementary activities aimed at the school population of 3 to 18 years old and that is developed through different municipal areas, such as Education, Sports and Youth.

The Benidorm City Council launched this project in 2020 to reactivate sports, cultural and educational activities and compensate for the negative effects that the pandemic had had on the school population, as well as the possible situations of social, personal or economic inequality that could have worsened due to the health crisis. Since then, “every year the project has been reissued, adapting the activities to the reality of each moment and requesting in each edition the financial support of the Ministry”, explained the Councillors for Education and Youth, Maite Moreno and Mariló Cebreros.

Moreno explained that, according to the rules of the call for aid launched by the Ministry, on this occasion all the proposed activities must be carried out in the schools themselves and, therefore, ‘Activem els col les’ has adjusted to this guideline, not including activities that do not meet this requirement and promoting others that can be developed within the facilities of schools and institutes.

‘Activem els col les’ will start in the Summer Educational Support Program, which will take place from July 5th to August 26th and with which reinforcement classes are made available to families during the summer months for students of 1st to 6th grade of Primary School who have not obtained the expected results during the course. This program is quantified at 30,191.94 euros.

The second planned project is the ‘Summer Program’, with a joint budget of 13,600 euros and which is aimed at young people aged 10 to 16, as a “broad and complete educational and leisure alternative, which favours the personal growth of young people , who learn to value free time as a space for communication, relationship and enjoyment”, as explained by the mayor of Youth, Jaime Jesús Pérez.

Among the activities that will be carried out in this ‘Summer Program’, from July 18 to August 31, there are cultural outings, workshops, sports, games, hiking, cooking, board games, film forum, environmental activities or outings to the beach, all activities that arouse great interest among families every year.

With regard to the Department of Sports, which is the one that contributes the most programs, this year four activities have been planned, two more than in the previous edition of ‘Activem els col les’. The first will include extracurricular sports activities for students from 1st to 6th grade, including games for beginners to regulated sports, adapted games, mini football, basketball, volleyball, goalball, handball, throw throws, raspall, etc.

The second program is the ‘Espai Obert’, which aims to turn schools into a space for coexistence and community development in neighbourhoods with the greatest lack of social infrastructure through the use of school facilities, facilitating a safe place for recreational-sports leisure. This program is aimed at the population between 6 and 18 years old.

The third activity, to be carried out like the previous ones, from October 1 to May 31, is the multi-sports school games for boys and girls in the pre-youngest, youngest and youngest category to get to know four traditional sports such as futsal, handball, volleyball and mini basketball, and also the pilota Valenciana. Each day the students, always in mixed teams, will play two different modalities and the next one they will practice exclusively pilota.

The fourth activity is the Conference on traditional and alternative sports and games, aimed at Primary school students, and to be held from June 1st to June 31st of next year in each educational centre, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

The budget for these four activities is 88,000 euros. An activity, Cebreros pointed out, “in which the Department of Sports, through the municipal sports technicians, will work in coordination with each educational centre, always seeking to complement the training in sports that the students receive.”

Cebreros has stressed that “with all these extracurricular and complementary activities from the City Council, the aim is to promote healthy living habits, improve academic performance, favour contact and socialisation among the participants, facilitate education in values ​​and involve the school population to participate actively in the activities that are programmed in the city”.

Elche City Council will create a thousand new parking spaces in a year

A thousand places between now and the end of the mandate. It is the number of car parks that the government team has announced for the neighbourhoods in order to alleviate the deficit suffered by the urban nucleus and that unleashes so many complaints. The municipal plan of PSOE and Compromís contemplates, although, enabling a total of 3,700 places in “the next few years” without establishing a specific term.

Altabix-Universidad, Carrús and El Toscar are going to be the first where the local executive intends to give drivers more options to leave their vehicles on public roads, replacing parking in rows with batteries to gain more spaces. Specifically, Josefina Manresa street is one of the first roads where the City Council intends to act, as well as on Bigastro and Benijófar streets in the north of the urban area.

Next, it will be the turn of disused lots and one of them will be the plot next to the Sixto Marco Institute, on Santa Pola Avenue, the only option that municipal officials consider possible to create a parking lot in the centre from the city or at least as close as possible, since there are no more municipal plots available. The local executive has finally seen that it is feasible to adapt this wasteland and that, in principle, it should not pose any problem with the Palm Grove Law. This space, where it is estimated that about 150 cars can fit, is the municipal alternative to the Facasa area, where a similar number of spaces have recently been removed to transform an improvised parking lot into a palm orchard and a garden.

Likewise, the plan announced by the Mayor of Maintenance, Héctor Díez (PSOE), and the Councillor for Mobility, Esther Díez (Compromís), also contemplates setting up parking lots on lots in Puertas Coloradas, El Pla de San José, in the West Round, on Costa Rica street and in the surroundings of the Montserrat Roig institute. The map will be available on the municipal website with bus itineraries, Bicielx stations and the “Minute Metro” with walking routes.

The thousand places that the local executive has promised to create in the short term, starting this summer once the asphalting and signalling works have been awarded, adds to the other thousand that have already been enabled over the last six years with the same philosophy. “We developed a city model to give priority to public space and adapt to a model of sustainable mobility, betting on pedestrianisation in the centre and neighbourhoods and bike lanes,” explained the socialist mayor. According to the mayor of Mobility, this parking plan “will compensate for those that have been eliminated and greatly expands the ones we have.” The Compromís spokeswoman recalled that Elche has 40,000 parking spaces on public roads, of which 90% are free, “which places Elche well above other cities,” she said, referring to the criticism received from of the opposition and neighbours. For Esther Díez, this policy “responds to a model of green cities where public spaces become alive.”

The first parking lot that the Department led by the socialist Héctor Díez enabled in 2016 was in El Toscar, on José Antonio Torregrosa street, next to the Jaume I school. 60 spaces were marked on this lot. Then it was the turn of the El Pla neighbourhood, on a plot where the City Council even proposed the construction of a second care centre for the elderly, close to the San José market. Here they created 45 places.

Along with the Vinalopó Hospital, where a centre for the disabled was also promised, 60 parking spaces were provisionally set up. Next to the Old Cemetery, and near the L’Aljub shopping centre, on Redován street, they conditioned 40 battery spaces, by reducing one traffic lane.

Also on the outskirts of El Toscar, on Venezuela street, they set up 80 parking lots. Another example is that of the Carrús industrial estate, between Ronda Vall d’Uxo, Pinoso, Illueca and Inca, where the City Council managed to set up one of the largest capacity park-and-ride parking lots, with a total of 350 spaces. It was followed by the Business Park, another of the areas where its workers have suffered great problems on a daily basis to leave their cars. In this industrial enclave, Maintenance managed to gain 250 parking spaces by transforming online battery-powered car parks and signalling a car park that was designed for trucks and was not used.

Carrús This has been the last neighbourhood that has benefited from this municipal measure. On Rocío Street, the government team created a parking lot for 140 vehicles at the end of 2021 with the aim of compensating for the loss of 120 spaces that Olegario Domarco Seller Street will suffer this year when it becomes a green corridor with priority for pedestrians and bicycles. According to Héctor Díez, this case has proven to be a “resounding success because it is full at night.”

Two arrested in Elche for kicking the Local Police and throwing stones at a hostel

The Local Police of Elche arrested two men aged 30 and 41 last Thursday morning for resisting and attacking the authority, after an alleged stone throwing at a hostel located on Avenida de la Libertad with Ramón Vicente Serrano street .

When the agents arrived, they observed how an individual tried to elude the patrol by leaving the area, which is why they followed him, first with the police vehicle and then on foot. A few blocks away, the suspect tried to hide under a truck, but a young man pointed out to the officers where he was. Requiring him to come out, he offered strong resistance and kicked the policemen.

While this reduction was taking place, the municipal officers heard how an attack was being carried out near the scene of the events. They were immediately able to verify that it was a second person, with some kind of connection with the arrested person, who was beating the young man who told the patrol where the first person had hidden. Asked to identify himself, he refused and also hit one of the agents.

Finally, both were arrested and transferred to police facilities.

The fire declared in the Serra Gelada natural park has been controlled, which could have been intentional

Firefighters from the Provincial Consortium have considered the forest fire that was declared yesterday at around eight in the afternoon in the natural park of Serra Gelada, in the municipality of Benidorm, and that has affected an area of ​​scrubland and scrub to be under control. The fire has originated in the vicinity of the place of the Cross and all indications suggest that it may have been intentional.

Sources very close to the extinction work state that two different outbreaks have been located and separated by quite a distance, while one of the aerial means that has participated in these tasks has been able to see a person fleeing the area, who has not yet been located.

Sources from the firefighting services have reported that the intervention is still ongoing, refreshing the ground in order to consider the fire extinguished.

The rapid intervention has been key to being able to quickly stop the flames and prevent them from spreading through the natural park.

Two forest firefighters units from the Generalitat, two fire engines, four aerial vehicles and two helicopter units, an environmental agent, a coordinating foreman, a district chief, a command unit and headquarters have worked to extinguish the fire, among others. , a heavy rural pump, a heavy nurse pump, a heavy forest pump, a sergeant, a corporal and six firefighters from the Consortium’s Benidorm park, with the support of the Benidorm Local Police.

Fortunately, there are no injuries or people affected by the fire.

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