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Local Daily News 25th November

Tourism detects a 19% drop in the search for flights from the United Kingdom for this winter

A Turisme report on the forecast demand for flights to the Costa Blanca until next March has detected a 19% drop in the British market compared to the same period a year ago. Inflation, the rise in interest rates and the crisis in the United Kingdom begin to shake the pocket of the British tourist. In fact, after the Fest Dress Party, in which 40,000 English participated last week, there has been a trickle of hotel closures in Benidorm, which will not reopen their doors until March, when a rebound in reservations is already observed. Right now, for example, there are chains that have more confirmed reservations for the month of May than for December with the Christmas break and New Year’s Eve, dates for which some establishments are almost fully booked.

British tourism continues to be key for the province of Alicante, especially during the low season when Imserso and Spanish retirees are not enough. For this reason, there is concern and uncertainty in the sector, which has just closed a good season -the sun and, precisely, British tourism allowed it to be extended until last week-, with a view to the coming months and especially in January and February. Right now, according to the report, tourists from London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Birmingham concentrate their search for flights from the United Kingdom. As for the searches from the Netherlands, these come from Amsterdam (63%), Eindhoven and Rotterdam. As for Norway, the capital Oslo is the main issuer of visitors.

Hotels on the Costa Blanca registered 1.4 million overnight stays in October, of which 900,000 were in Benidorm. The average occupation was 70% and employment was close to 10,000 workers.

“We have had a good year, there is no need to hide it, but the situation is not the same as before the pandemic. Everything has changed. Of course people want to travel and in Benidorm and in the province of Alicante in general we have a quality/price ratio that is difficult to beat and a social environment that is very different from that of, for example, Turkey, but you have to be cautious. The British market level prior to the covid has not yet been recovered and in the United Kingdom the economic situation is not positive ”, emphasises José María Caballé, president of the Servigroup chain from Benidorm.

Caballé insists that “quality and good service is what sets us apart and fortunately the good weather is with us, but it is no less true that seasonality has returned and each year it is more difficult to have clients 365 days a year. The pandemic changed everything.”

On the other hand, and in relation to the interest of tourists in the tourist products offered by the Costa Blanca. The sun and the beach continue to lead the ranking of preferences (20%), followed by culture (17%), active tourism (17%), gastronomy (14%), nature (10%), nightlife (7%, one point less than in 2019 and shopping and well-being (4%).

Regarding hotel prices, the average rate between January and October stood at 83 euros in three-star hotels (12.2% more than in 2021), 103 euros in four-star hotels (7.3 %) and 148 euros in 5-star hotels, 26.5% more than last year.

On the other hand, the Provincial Tourist Board is participating this week in Reykjavik in a workshop with agents and specialised press from Iceland in order to promote the Costa Blanca destination in the Scandinavian market. Iceland has direct flights to Alicante, a total of 59 up to March, with more than 12,000 seats, 3.5% more than last year.

The day includes a presentation of the province’s sun and beach offer, one of the products most in demand by the Icelandic visitor, but also complementary proposals focused on gastronomy, nature, inland tourism or health, such as Items that attract your interest. Iceland has direct flights to Alicante, a total of 59 up to March, with more than 12,000 seats, 3.5% more than last year.

The objective of this promotional action, organised by Turespaña, is to establish direct contact with potential professional agents and the media in this country, which has become a strategic market for the Costa Blanca.

The capital of Iceland has direct flights to Alicante, a total of 59 for the winter season, with more than 12,000 seats, 3.5% more than last year.

The provincial presence in Iceland is materialised in a complete program of work meetings, as well as in the presentation of the destination through a workshop that will take place at the Hotel Grandi in Reykjavik, the city with the largest number of travel agencies in the country.

On the other hand, Spanish hotels exceeded 30 million overnight stays in October, which represents an increase of 25.4% compared to the same month of 2021, according to data made public this Thursday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) that show an increase of almost 11% in the average daily billing of hotels per occupied room, around 100 euros. Overnight stays of travellers residing in Spain exceeded 9.7 million, representing 32.6% of the total. For their part, those of non-residents stood at over 20.2 million.

The average stay increased by 4.6% compared to October 2021, standing at a total of 3.1 overnight stays per traveller. During the first 10 months of 2022, overnight stays in Spain increased by 98.1% compared to the same period of the previous year. Andalusia, Catalonia and the Valencian Community were the main destinations for Spaniards with 18.7%, 13% and 11.5% of the total overnight stays, respectively.

By tourist areas, Lanzarote reached the highest occupancy rate by bedplaces (76.4%), while Barcelona reached the highest occupancy rate on weekends (78.1%). Mallorca registered the highest number of overnight stays in October, with 4.5 million.

Average billing was 225.9 euros for five-star hotels, 102.5 euros for four-star hotels, and 79.2 euros for three-star hotels. The income per available room for these same categories was 158.9 euros, 75.5 euros and 52.2 euros, respectively. The tourist spot with the highest ADR was Marbella, with an average daily billing per occupied room of 180.7 euros. Barcelona, ​​for its part, presented the highest RevPar, with revenue per available room of 139.7 euros.

A patient who attacked a family doctor in Orihuela for not writing a prescription has been sentenced

A patient who attacked a family doctor in a health centre in Orihuela has been sentenced to a restraining order and ban on communication for a year, for which she will have to change clinics, and four months in prison, although the latter it is suspended for two years on the condition that the offender does not reoffend within this period of time.

The events date back to August 26th when the patient asked her doctor to process a new prescription, since the one she had was wrong. After the doctor’s refusal, the defendant “entered into a state of aggressiveness, beginning to insult the professional, and then throwing a protection screen over them and a blood pressure monitor that did not hit him because he had covered himself with the previous protection screen.” includes the sentence of the Investigating Court number 2 of Orihuela.

The attacked doctor reported the facts to the National Police and contacted the Alicante College of Physicians (COMA), which has legally assisted the victim through its legal advice, a free service offered to members.

Following a speedy trial, the initial sentence of six months in prison for a crime of assault has been reduced to four months due to the defendant’s compliance in accepting the requests of the prosecutor and the private prosecution. The patient may not approach the doctor at a distance of not less than 300 metres from their workplace, home or any other frequented by the specialist, nor maintain any type of communication for a period of one year.

“We must make the problem visible and raise awareness among the population and even the doctors themselves to fight against the attacks; we cannot consent to attacks and have no consequences, each attack must be reflected in a complaint,” said the Secretary General from COMA, José Manuel Peris, who urged his colleagues to contact the College. “We are here to protect and defend them. In the face of insults, threats and attacks, we will act without hesitation. Tolerance must always be zero,” he insisted.

Health professionals have been reporting an increase in verbal aggression by patients for some time. Already in 2020 the Orihuela Health Department was forced to increase security in its health centres.

Thus, at the end of that year, the three health centres in this department that serve the most users – those in Orihuela, Callosa de Segura and Almoradí – began to have a security guard at the main access.

In addition, in all the health centres of this health department, which serves a population of some 170,000 people from 18 municipalities in the interior of Vega Baja, surveillance cameras were installed.

However, a year ago the Ministry abolished this surveillance service. Sources from the Department of Health then maintained that at the end of the restrictions imposed by the pandemic it was no longer necessary for there to be security guards to control access and capacity.

Union sources state that they were removed without justifiable reason, and the problems continue. According to sources from the Department of Health, an increase in security personnel has been approved and will be incorporated shortly.

One in seven young people is situated in traditional sexism

“A man should not cry in public”, “it is logical to use violence to obtain respect if necessary”, “men should be the ones who bring money to the home”. These are attitudes completely linked to the most deeply rooted and traditional sexism, but with which up to one in seven young people between the ages of 15 and 29 continue to agree.

Although there are more and more who are aware that we live perpetuating gender inequality due to the roles that are inculcated from childhood, the most radicalised percentage maintains its approval of the assumed concept that one must be “a real man”, which implies, in addition to the first items mentioned, that if one does not defend oneself when abused, it is that one is weak, or that a man must solve problems without asking for help, and that it is not even good to be taught to a child how to cook, sew or clean the house, because they are “women’s things”.

Within the framework of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the aforementioned report tries to verify the values ​​that are transmitted in the family, as well as the idea that young people have today about masculinity in a heteropatriarchal context.

And the conclusions point to the fact that one in seven young people continues to internalise the “more traditional and stagnant” vision of masculinity, as the authors of the study specify.

For them, a man should have the last word on any decision in their relationship or in their marriage, and if he does not have enough sex with his partner, it is compatible with infidelity, in addition to the normality of resorting to prostitution or as many partners as possible. that you can also, without forgetting at the same level of normality that you compliment a woman in public even if you don’t know her if she seems attractive.

The authors of the study call this way of proceeding “being inside the box of masculinity”, and the percentage of men in this line doubles that of women, 14% compared to 5.8% respectively.

The latter are the ones who also maintain that one must be “a real woman”, although the percentage of young people who have heard these ideas in their closest environment from childhood is much higher, up to two out of three, but with the time have not internalised it as a mode of behaviour more than one in seven among them, and half of these percentages among them.

Avoiding playing “girlish things” as a child, not being effeminate or not having homosexual friends, because “real men are heterosexual”, are also concepts shared by the most extreme young people, and which even raise doubts for one in three , who despite being aware that these traditional and sexist mandates do not fit their way of life and proceeding, do not take a clear position on the matter either.

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