Local Daily News 2nd August

The Government will require British tourists to prove a daily expenditure of 100 euros on the Costa Blanca

A minimum expense and demonstrate where and how they will stay on the Costa Blanca. The British press and several tour operators have launched a campaign to denounce the decision of the Spanish Government to apply, from now on to English tourists, the same border policy that applies to all travellers arriving in Spain from the so-called “No Schengen” area. They must prove that by dividing the cost of the trip the expense is greater than one hundred euros per day, show the hotel or apartment contract, or in the case of declaring that they are staying with a friend, prove it. The choosing of the traveller who will be stopped to be asked this information is random. A measure well received by the sector, not because of the possible negative reaction to English tourism, but because in some way it helps to fight against intrusion in the sector, especially the thousands of places that continue to be marketed outside the control of the Administration. 

An average that, according to the British media, could slow down the arrival of tourists. The British Foreign Office has announced, in this regard, that at the Spanish border you may have to show your return plane ticket, show that you have enough money for your stay, show proof of accommodation, or the address where you are going to reside or an invitation from a friend and proof of your address. The British Government assures that the Executive has not clarified whether a letter of invitation to visit Spain is an option of what can be required, according to Preferente.es.

In short, the only thing the Government does is apply the same policy as, for example, the Swiss but with the particularity that the tourist market in Great Britain is made up of 4 million people. The hotel management maintains that it will not have many repercussions.

The British must accredit at the Alicante-Elche airport, if they are required to do so by the officials in charge of controlling the entry of people into Spanish territory, that they have financial resources, in the amount that, as a minimum, is indicated below:

“For their support, during their stay in Spain, the amount to be accredited must reach an amount that represents in euros 10% of the minimum gross interprofessional salary or its legal equivalent in foreign currency multiplied by the number of days they intend to stay in Spain and by the number of people travelling at their expense. Said amount will, in any case, be a minimum that represents 90% of the gross interprofessional minimum wage in force at any given time or its legal equivalent in foreign currency per person, regardless of the planned length of stay according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“The length of stay to be taken into account to calculate the required economic amount will be the number of days resulting from the date of entry into Spain to the date of departure that appears on the ticket referred to in letter “b” of this section, both dates included. Currently, the minimum amount to be credited is 100 euros per person per day, with a minimum of 900 euros or its legal equivalent in foreign currency (with effect from January 1st, 2022).

In total, in the province there are 300 registered hotels – more than a third in Benidorm – with some 80,000 beds, to which must be added the 30,000 beds offered by the campsites, the 2,000 of the rural accommodation and the 120,000 of the declared tourist apartments . However, despite the existence of this important infrastructure, almost three quarters of registered overnight stays occur in unregulated accommodation. Not surprisingly, 25.6% of the entire housing stock in the province are second homes, some two hundred thousand additional places.

Arrested after fleeing in the opposite direction on the AP-7 from a robbery in Benijófar

Agents of the Civil Guard have dismantled a violent gang of robbers that operated between the provinces of Alicante and Murcia, as reported by the Alicante Command. The Benemérita attributes assaults to them in bank offices in the Murcian district of Cobatillas and in the Alicante town of Benijófar. Assaults in which firearms were used and employees and customers were taken hostage. The circumstance occurs that one of the robbers was being sought by Justice after not returning to the penitentiary centre where he was serving a sentence after a permit. The agents have arrested three other people who collaborated in the robberies.

The Civil Guard has baptised this operation as the ‘Semi-Veterano’ operation, an investigation aimed at clarifying several robberies with violence and intimidation in banking entities in the Region of Murcia and the province of Alicante, which has resulted in the identification, location and arrest of the two experienced robbers and three other people, collaborators of the former.

At the end of last March, civil guards from the Beniel Judicial Police Team opened the operation to investigate a robbery with intimidation committed in a bank office in the Murcian district of Cobatillas. The first evidence obtained revealed that behind the robbery there were two men who were armed, one of them with a pistol and the other with a large knife.

During the robbery, the authors managed to tie up with plastic ties and retain a total of six people, until they achieved their objective: the opening of the entity’s safe and seized more than 40,000 euros. Three of those detained were clients who came to carry out their own business and coincided in the office during the assault and were taken hostage.

The visual inspection of the office and other investigations carried out allowed the investigators to recognize and identify one of the perpetrators, who turned out to be a known robber, with a long criminal history for similar acts, who, in addition, was in a search and arrest situation. with a prison order for more than a year, for not returning to the penitentiary centre, where he was serving a sentence for acts of the same nature, after enjoying a permit.

In May, members of the Alicante Civil Guard arrested the alleged perpetrator of a robbery at a bank branch in Benijófar. It was a robbery with violence and intimidation committed with the same modus operandi as the one in Murcia. During the robbery, the authors used a firearm and held an employee of the same inside the branch. In this case, when the Local Police arrived, he fled with a vehicle after threatening the hostage with a pistol and driving her to the parking lot, where she abandoned her and fled in the vehicle.

Civil guards from the Citizen Security Unit (USECIC) of Torrevieja arrested the alleged robber in San Miguel de Salinas, after recklessly driving on the AP-7 highway, in the opposite direction to the established one and skipping the Los Montesinos toll barrier. At the time of the arrest, the alleged robber was carrying, among other things, a pistol, a knife and a mobile phone. It was also verified that there was an arrest warrant weighing on the arrested person.

After the arrest, members of the Almoradí Judicial Police Team opened another investigation to clarify the robbery of the bank and detected coincidences with the targets that were being tracked from Murcia, for which a joint investigation team was created with the objective of clarifying both criminal acts and locating all their authors.

The first steps of the joint operation ‘Seim-Veterano’ allowed the investigators to verify that the detainee in San Miguel de Salinas for the robbery in Benijófar was, presumably, the other alleged perpetrator of the robbery committed in Murcia. In addition, it was found that both experienced criminals directed a criminal group in which they integrated other people who collaborated with the former in their criminal activities.

The civil guards continued with the investigation to locate the other leader and the rest of the collaborators of the criminal group. The evidence obtained after the first arrest, as well as other investigations, were decisive in locating the robber who fled from prison. He had hidden in a house in the rural area of ​​the Murcian municipality of Fortuna, with which he had no documentary link. In this building he had established his operations and concealment centre, and from there he moved to carry out surveillance activities and study his next targets, in all cases bank offices.

The investigation carried out by the Civil Guard made it possible to verify that the criminal group had planned its new coup: a robbery at a bank office that they had already perfectly studied and that, apparently, its execution was going to be imminent, which accelerated the exploitation phase of the operation in order to avoid its commission and run risks for third parties that could derive from a new criminal act of this type.

The Civil Guard then carried out, with prior judicial authorization, the entry and search of the Fortuna property, where this elusive criminal and two other collaborators were arrested. Shortly after, in Almoradí, the fifth member of the criminal group was also arrested. These last three collaborated with the ringleaders, giving them the necessary support to commit the robberies and to hide and thus avoid being located.

In the Fortuna registry, weapons, ammunition and other effects related to the now clarified criminal activity were seized. Some of the weapons were loaded with ammunition, with a ‘bullet in the chamber’ and ready to fire at any moment. In total, three pistols have been seized, a submachine gun with a silencer, two long weapons, metallic ammunition of the same calibre as the seized weapons, white weapons and objects used in the robberies, such as bridles, gloves, etc.

The detainees are attributed the alleged responsibility for the crimes of robbery with violence and intimidation, illegal detention, illegal possession of weapons, concealment and against road safety, for reckless driving.

The detainees, the seized effects and the proceedings carried out have been made available to the competent judicial authorities, who have ordered the imprisonment of the two leaders and one of the members of the now disbanded criminal group.

The operation, judicially directed by the investigating courts number 2 of Cieza and number 4 of Torrevieja, has been carried out by the Judicial Police teams of Beniel and Almoradí, which have had the support of the USECIC of Torrevieja and Murcia, and the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Murcia Area.

The fine of the summer in Torrevieja

Cars in the centre of Torrevieja wake up every day with a gift in the form of a green bulletin that heralds the worst. A fine that, between fear and anger, drivers detach from the windshield to verify that the amount of 500 euros “was a joke.” It is the striking, and aggressive, advertising initiative of a well-known nightlife company in the city, which is massively using a bulletin very similar to the one used by local agents as a claim on the front of the brochure. With its Torrevieja coat of arms, complaint number, number for electronic payment and even the barcode with a file number, but on the back it already promotes in full colour a free “transfer” service to transfer customers to the main leisure area, restaurants, terraces and pubs of the industrial estate “to enjoy the night without complications”, says the “fine”. That is to say, without risks to your safety, or having to submit to the increasingly frequent alcohol and narcotics checks carried out by the Civil Guard and the Local Police. “A real parking or alcohol fine can be very expensive. Take advantage of our transfer”, concludes the message. It offers a mobile number to close the service that is offered for at least two occupants per trip. The signature in which the identification of the agent should appear is that of the company logo and the infraction in an alleged violation of the “fun ordinance”.

Federico Alarcón, councillor for Security, Traffic and Activities of the Torrevieja City Council, points out that last Thursday he began to receive messages about the curious advertising initiative and the next day he ordered the general director of Activities to open a file, in addition to transferring the matter to the Local Police. The City Council is going to notify the company that the free transport activity they are carrying out exceeds the environmental licence that the premises have granted and is going to request that they stop because they are exposed to the closure of the leisure area that they announce. In addition, the technicians warn that a discretionary transport is being carried out without the express authorization of the specific administration, something that is considered a very serious infraction that can cost the company between 2,000 and 6,000 euros.

Finally, the municipality also considers the legality of the manipulation of the complaint bulletin with an official shield, a document for administrative use, for commercial purposes, as a violation of municipal ordinances.

Although in this case it is an anecdote – reproduced, yes, in thousands of pamphlets – it is a matter to be taken more seriously. Especially in Torrevieja. The Provincial Court has received in the last two months trials of agents who modified or falsified complaint bulletins in two different procedures. One of the agents has been convicted of usurping the identification of another to issue a fine and has not lost his job because he has reached an agreement with the accusation and three others are awaiting sentencing for removing a fine.

The manager of the Vela group, Gustavo Álvarez Quesada, is not particularly worried about the municipal announcement. The objective of the campaign has been amply fulfilled. “It was a very good idea. A type of advertising that everyone discards when they see it on the windshield wiper is very effective in this case. It is read in almost all cases. We wanted to engage audiences beyond our intense social media presence with a more urban street mobile advertising initiative. I think it has been very positive for spreading the brand of El Parking and, above all, it does not go unnoticed». The management of this company that covers the nightlife offer in Torrevieja points out that if they offer a free, non-profit service, it cannot be considered that it requires express authorization as a licensed activity.

The same source reveals that it has a fleet of eight vehicles to carry out collections and transfers to the industrial estate site located about two kilometres from the city centre and that groups together several restaurants, pubs and terraces, under the same commercial brand, in addition to have the largest nightclub in the region, also from the same company, just opposite. Regarding competition in the taxi sector, he points out that the drivers of the more than eighty licensed vehicles are collapsed this July and will be in August. And on occasions they have requested support from the “transfer” to support the demand for transfers to that area because they lack sufficient taxis.

The transfer service is only to bring customers to the club, not to return them to their homes. That’s where the taxi must act, Álvarez clarifies, who specifies that the curious service will be maintained until August 31st, or mid-September at the latest, dates until which the city continues to peak in demand for nightlife. That is, the competition with the taxi will not be during the low season.

The Ministry of Health begins to vaccinate close contacts of the more than 200 cases of monkeypox

The Ministry of Health is calling and vaccinating against monkeypox the close contacts of the first 213 cases registered as positive so far in the Community.

From the Consell they point out that they are following the steps of what was agreed in the last national Health commission in this regard, so the dose inoculation has already begun, according to what they assure to questions from newspapers.

Waiting for laboratory results of the different samples sent from the Ministry of Health to the National Microbiology Centre of the Carlos III Health Institute after the first death from monkeypox in Spain, registered in the Community this past Friday and more specifically in the Hospital of Sant Joan d’Alacant due to encephalitis associated with the infection, the ministry is contacting the close contacts of both this patient and those who have already tested positive and whom it is already proceeding to vaccinate.

The Community appears so far as the fourth in all of Spain in number of cases, only behind Madrid, which exceeds 1,600, Catalonia with just over 1,400, and Andalusia, where the second of the deaths occurred this Saturday registered, specifically in Córdoba, and that borders on 500 cases.

Epidemiological, Renave, which collects data by autonomies with a global of 4,298 positive cases for monkeypox, points out that the rest of the communities, with the exception of the Canary Islands, do not reach a hundred infected: Canary Islands 102, Basque Country 98, Balearic Islands 89 , Aragón 45, Galicia 37, Asturias 36, Castilla y León 31, Castilla-La Mancha 23, Extremadura 20, Murcia 19, Cantabria 15, Navarra 8 and La Rioja 2.

From the Department of Health headed by Miguel Mínguez they indicate that after the first of the deaths recorded by monkeypox, the measures to be adopted in the Community are strictly those established by the Ministry of Health at the national level, and that for the moment what is What is being done is proceeding with the aforementioned vaccination of the close contacts of those who have been formally notified as infected, using the doses of the Jynneos vaccine against monkeypox, among the 5,300 who arrived in Spain at the beginning of July and who have already been distributed among the autonomies.

Among the more than 4,000 patients notified so far, the vast majority are men, a total of 4,081, and in terms of the average age of those affected, it is 37 years old -the deceased in Alicante was 31 years old- although the margin is very wide since there are cases of babies of 7 months and older people up to 88 years old.

However, from the ministry headed by Carolina Arias, they have warned that if the transmission of this virus, so far “sustained”, is not controlled “in an optimal way”, the existence of “a significant risk” cannot be ruled out on its possible displacement “to other population groups by the same transmission mechanism, being possible the affectation of other groups and the appearance of serious cases in vulnerable populations”.

They abound from the ministry that Spain is currently “one of the most affected countries globally”, since “an upward trend of reported cases that continues at the present time” began in May and June, according to the alert.

The purchase of the aforementioned vaccines has been carried out mainly by the European Commission, through the Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority (HERA), although the ministry also expects to receive two other batches of vaccines and also bought for its part another 200 doses of Invamex.

Accredited researchers have also identified, according to the latest report published in the UK, significant differences in monkeypox symptoms between the current outbreak and previous outbreaks from endemic regions. Based on their analysis, the experts recommend that doctors consider the possibility of a monkeypox infection in patients who present these new symptoms, such as rectal pain and penile swelling or edema, to facilitate early detection. of the infection.

They even specify that patients who already have confirmed monkeypox infection and who have extensive lesions on the penis or severe rectal pain “should be considered for continued review or to be treated in hospital.” All the patients who participated in this study suffered from lesions on the skin or mucous membranes, and more frequently on the genitals or in the perianal area, as the researchers point out in their study.

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