Local Daily News 2nd January

Prison for the alleged murderer of Elche, against whom three procedures are opened

The head of the Gender Violence Court of Elche has sentenced Francisco NM to prison without bail. The 22-year-old man arrested on the 30th of December is the alleged perpetrator of the murder of Yolanda, a young woman of Paraguayan origin with whom he had a sporadic relationship for a few months. Three proceedings are now open against him. The first one, for the aforementioned gender violence crime; the second, for alleged mistreatment of his ex-partner and the mother of his daughter, who reported him days before his arrest; and the last one, for an alleged crime of attack against the authority after receiving the Police armed with a Kalashnikov, with which he opened fire on the agents who detained him. Fortunately, there were no injuries in the intervention.

The first two crimes that are charged will be investigated by the aforementioned Court of Gender Violence of Elche, while the case for attempted attack on the agents will be carried out in Court of Instruction number 5 of the Alicante town. In addition, a restraining order was issued between the detainee and his ex-wife, with whom he shares an 18-month-old daughter.

Already in judicial offices – where he was taken this Saturday from the cells of the Elche Police Station – the detainee has only agreed to answer questions from his lawyer, Moisés Candela. Francisco N. M. – who barricaded himself in the home of his ex-partner where he took four hostages and awaited the arrival of the agents – has denied that he shot and murdered the young woman in the early morning hours of the 25th of December.

New Year's Eve in Alicante leads to more than 70 police interventions

Alicante’s New Year’s Eve resulted in more than thirty complaints between venues and individuals for breaching different regulations, including the ones related to covid. A special operation by both the Local Police and the Autonomous Police deployed more than a hundred agents who inspected a total of 43 leisure and restaurant venues.

During the night, the security forces carried out more than 70 interventions. Among them, 13 were due to alcohol poisoning, blows or falls and 4 were due to fires: one in the Canalejas park, another in a rubbish container on Marrajo Street and two more in homes located on Agustín Gosálvez Orts and Corbeta streets. Fortunately, in these fires – for which they acted in collaboration with SPEIS troops – there were no injuries.

With regard to leisure and restaurant venues, 12 complaints were made on New Year’s Eve for non-compliance in the Alicante capital. Half were due to the use of unauthorized hookahs, two were for not requesting the covid passport, one for allowing access without a mask, one for excess capacity, another for selling alcohol to minors and a last one for lacking a security guard.

In addition, according to sources from the Autonomous Police, 19 people were sanctioned for failing to comply with the regulations regarding the covid. However, despite the aforementioned interventions, the Alicante Local Police reported that New Year’s Eve in 2021 passed with “less influx of people and maximum tranquillity.”

The Local Police discover 216 marijuana plants in a house next to a golf course in Orihuela Costa

Orihuela Local Police agents, assigned to the Orihuela Costa night service, have located a marijuana plantation in the sub-basement of a building in the Campo de Golf Las Ramblas urbanization in Orihuela Costa. In total, they have seized 216 marijuana plants, spread over two rooms, separated according to the size of the specimens. This plantation was illegally hooked to the electricity grid and had a very good irrigation system, heaters and air extractors, which facilitate the rapid growth of the plants and favour the achievement of more crops in a shorter amount of time.

The action was carried out after neighbours notified “of suspicious people loitering in the area.” The material has been delivered to the Civil Guard and “so far no one has been arrested,” according to information provided by the Orihuela City Council.

The information does not specify how the agents detected and found the plantation inside the private compound exclusively with the neighbourhood alert on the presence of alleged suspicious persons.

Two young people arrested for robbery in Pilar de la Horadada and Murcia

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the ‘Chinavera’ operation, has developed an investigation to clarify a series of crimes against property committed in shops, homes, vehicles and on public roads in several municipalities on the Murcian coastline and in the province of Alicante, with Pilar de la Horadada affected.

The operation has resulted in the identification, location and arrest of two of the members of the criminal group, two young people, one of them a minor, as alleged perpetrators of the crimes of robbery with force, robbery with violence and intimidation, damage, misappropriation, theft of license plates and theft of the interior of a vehicle.

The main objective of the robberies was to profit. They wanted to obtain cash and high-value items as quickly as possible for later sale.

The detainees, the seized effects and the proceedings carried out have been made available to the San Javier Investigating Court and the Murcia Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office, which have decreed the entry into prison and juvenile centre respectively of those arrested.

The actions began last October, when the Civil Guard detected an increase in crimes against property committed mainly in shops, events that had generated some social alarm in the sector.

The first steps of the operation, carried out in the places where the events were committed, made it possible to define various modus operandi. On the one hand, there were cases of robberies with force and, on the other, robberies with violence and intimidation with knives. The objectives were constantly varying. Public establishments, such as restaurants, tobacconists, pharmacies, retail stores, etc., predominated, although crimes also materialized in homes and on public roads.

The authors travelled with a large-cylinder vehicle with previously stolen license plates, in order to move quickly and avoid being identified and linked to their illicit activities. Sometimes they circulated putting the physical integrity of other road users at risk, including police vehicles, which on some occasion they did not hesitate to exert evasive manoeuvres that led to a collision.

During the robberies, in addition to using knives, they used excessive violence – they immobilized the victims, beat them and threatened to cause them physical harm if they resisted – to achieve their objectives as quickly as possible, which caused a certain fear among the victims.

During the development of the operation, it has been verified that there have been repeated robberies in the same establishments in a short space of time, which also generated a feeling of insecurity among the owners. They even committed several robberies in specific areas, all of them on the same night, causing significant economic damage to their owners with the damage caused both in the entrances and inside the buildings.

Once all the necessary evidence was obtained, prior to judicial authorization, the Civil Guard developed the exploitation phase of the operation, in which the entry and registration of the headquarters of the criminal group was carried out, in which a large amount has been recovered of stolen objects, such as hairdressing products, tools, mobile phones, jewellery and cash, all of them of illicit origin, and tools, weapons, clothing, cash and the vehicle used by those now arrested during their criminal activity have been seized.

The search culminated in the arrest of two of the members of the criminal group, one of them a minor, as alleged perpetrators of the crimes of robbery with force, robbery with violence and intimidation, damage, misappropriation, theft of license plates and interior theft of vehicle.

The exhaustive analysis of the information obtained during the investigation has so far clarified more than twenty crimes committed in San Javier (6), San Pedro del Pinatar (4), Los Alcázares (1), Torre Pacheco (3) and Pilar de la Horadada (7), although the open investigation continues to determine if there are more criminal acts committed by those now detained and if more people have collaborated with them.

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