Official announcement from Orihuela City Council

Weekly markets, sports schools, municipal services for the public are cancelled and the Water Palace, libraries, cultural centres and senior centres are closed, including the Virgen de Monserrate.

The Orihuela government team, meeting urgently this morning, has decided to suspend all acts and activities that gather a capacity of more than 40 people until March 23, in order to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. 

This measure includes the cancellation of all the weekly markets that are held throughout the municipal area, as well as the celebration of St Patrick on the Oriolan coast and many sports, social or cultural activities involve the concentration of at least fifty people.

The mayor, Emilio Bascuñana, has called for caution and to avoid unnecessary alarm, after noting that the municipal public service offices (Registry and others) will also suspend their services and the officials affected by this measure will work from home.

As for municipal facilities, the closure of libraries, senior centres and civic centres, the Water Palace and sports schools has been decreed and a committee for monitoring the health crisis is created, attached to the Department of Emergencies.

In response to a question from Activa Orihuela about the continuity of school activity in the municipality, Bascuñana has clarified that the decision on this matter is the responsibility of the Department of Education.

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