In all its 9.5 years of establishment, never has the REACH OUT charity been in such dire
need of Help!

REACH OUT was set up to feed and clothe the homeless and to help them
rehabilitate back into society, as well as provide food provisions for the poorest people of Torrevieja.

However the charity is under threat of closure mainly due to the impact of Covid 19 lockdown and the lack of customers to their charity shops and the inability to have fund-raising events which are the life blood of the finances needed to keep the charity functioning.

Said Davy Young, President of REACH OUT, “lack of visitors to Spain, recession and unemployment, as well as movement restrictions, has seen a drastic reduction in money raised
to keep the homeless centre open on a weekly basis. We have to raise Euros 1,500:00
weekly to provide breakfast and lunch to an average of sixty homeless, and pay our statutory taxes, wages, 1 x Social worker, and utilities.

We also provide staple food provisions and hygiene products To 45+ Families(increased by 15 since Mar 2020) who struggle from day to day and are barely existing especially now!” He added, “We have insufficient funds to carry on beyond November and we are desperate for volunteers who can help in the shop(s), office, in the kitchen providing wholesome food, washing and shower facilities, replacement clothing and essentials such as toiletries.

We are particularly desperate for finances to continue to provide help for the needy, plus non-perishable food provisions, nappies, toiletries, etc. The crisis has drained our reserves and these are dire times.”

12th August 2020

If you require further information please do not hesitate to ring Davy Young, President of REACH OUT at mobile number 650735845, or 965713063 or email . A Reach Out Recovery Fund through Gofundme has been set up Reach Out Recovery Fund to receive donations online.

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