Spanish Government extends certain Brexit measures to the 31st of December

Extension of UK driving licenses

Brexit has caused a lot of confusion for the British living in Spain, with many unsure of what documentation is needed and when. It has also proven a headache for Spanish and UK governments attempting to reach agreements, particularly since the pandemic which has thrown a spanner in the works.

Initially, we were told that UK driving licenses would be considered a third-country document after the end of the transition period, and therefore would only be valid in Spain until the 31st of October. Now, extensions have been approved, among which are extensions that will affect the recognition of driving licenses (which were due to expire on the 31st October) with an extension until the 31st of December

A big relief for many, this extension means that UK driving licenses will remain valid in Spain until the end of the year, giving people more time to apply for a Spanish one.

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