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In these difficult times, Big Radio are doing their very best to keep you informed and entertained with all the latest information as soon as we get it and play your favourite music, but that comes at a cost, We, as all stations are dependent on businesses advertising with us and at the moment those businesses are locked down and unable to open, so therefore unable to advertise.

As we are classed as essential workers, we are unable to claim any government help because we are not obliged to close under the royal decree.

Our running costs have been reduced a small amount, but we are continuing to be charged for our essential services which are the biggest slice of our outgoings. Our staff have all been volunteering to continue to present shows despite having seen their income disappear, but this can only continue for a limited time.

We are asking for your help to continue to keep the stations on air by donation of any amount to a fund to keep this vital service on the air. We have a fantastic community of loyal listeners and we would like to think that those listeners would want this station to continue for as long as is possible.

It goes against the grain to ask for help from our community, because our job is to support that same community in any way we can.
So if you would like to donate please follow the link below and keep your local stations on air,

Thank you

We would like to thank the following people among other for their generous donations and support during these difficult times

Lisa Glover
Donna From DZW Limited
Maria Cooke
Kelvin and Monica Benedictis
Keith Hindley
John Farrell
Nigel Loar
Drew Reid
Rebecca Cook
Mark Harrison
and all those people who have sent lovely messages offering their support

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