The UK and Spain reach agreement over driving licence exchange for UK licence holders living in Spain

  • From today (16 March) UK licence holders are able to exchange their UK licence for a Spanish one without having to take a driving test
  • For six months from today UK licence holders resident in Spain will be able to legally drive again on their valid UK licence whilst they complete the exchange process
  • Please see information from the Dirección General de Tráfico for more detail on the process to follow

The Governments of the UK and Spain have reached a deal on driving licence negotiations, so that holders of a valid UK licence are able to exchange it for a Spanish one without having to take a practical or theory test. The agreement was passed by the Consejo de Ministros on Tuesday, followed by a formal exchange of notes on Wednesday and the agreement applies from today.

HMA Hugh Elliott said: “I am delighted that these negotiations have come to an end and UK licence holders will now be able to exchange their UK licence for a Spanish one without having to take a driving test.


From today, UK licence holders can drive for six months on their UK licence, during which time the Embassy is urging them to exchange it for a Spanish one as soon as possible. Remember that it is possible to exchange a licence anywhere in Spain, not only where you live. 

I know this process has taken a lot longer than we all would have liked and has been very difficult for those affected. I am grateful to them for their patience and forbearance.

You can find information on the process from the DGT and we will be posting answers to some of your most frequently asked questions on our Facebook page.”

HMA Hugh Elliott updated UK licence holders in a video message after the agreement was approved by the Consejo de Ministros on Tuesday. Please do share this link on your networks.

For further information on living in Spain, including driving rules, visit:

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