WATCH THIS: Massive drug haul found buried in 25 ton blocks of marble, just outside Alicante

A RECORD-BREAKING haul of hidden narcotics was recovered by Spanish authorities this week, buried within massive blocks of marble.

Following a complicated and international investigation, a criminal gang of five was found to have stashed 752Kg of pure meth.

A fake import / export company was set up by five men, who intended transporting the methamphetamine in cylinders cunningly buried in the blocks.

Investigation began in August 2019 when suspicions were raised about the 25 ton marble blocks being imported from Mexico to the Port of Valencia for no good reason.

When the blocks were followed to La Romana and Novelda (west of Alicante), some of the culprits were recognised as being known to the police, and a joint operation involving National Police, the Civil Guard and the Tax Agency swung into action

Buildings were searched and heavy duty equipment dismantled two blocks, one with 400Kg of pure meth hidden within, the other containing 352Kg, a total amount that had never been seized before.

Agents also discovered €150,000 cash, firearms and numerous telephones.

In addition, 19 properties were seized, 14 vehicles and seven bank accounts.

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