Why Advertise With Us

Here at Big Radio we don’t just pull figures out of the air, we only tell you what we can prove, if you ask us how many listeners we have, the truth is we have no idea. How would we know if your radio is on in your car? Big Brother may have evolved but as of yet we dont know of any technology that can do that

What we can prove is how many visits our very popular website gets and this image shows that in one calendar month the website had nearly 49,000 visits and how many listeners enter our competitions.

If you are thinking of advertising on the radio, why not give us a try.

With 2 popular stations covering all ages groups, Big Radio should be your number one choice, we won’t baffle you with made up listeners numbers or try to take up all your advertising budget with things you don’t need.

We will advise you on what is right for your business

For advertising as low as 2€ per day, yes that’s right as low as 2€ per day, call us today on 965 997 222 or email info@bigradiospain.com

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