Author: Lydia Kay

Local Daily News 21st March

A man arrested in Catral after hitting his partner in the head Last Saturday, March 18, the agents of the Catral Local Police faced an alleged case of gender violence. Around 8:30 p.m. they received a call from a woman urgently requesting police presence at her home and hanging upRead More

Local Daily News 20th March

Activities in Orihuela for the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination The Councilor for Immigration in the Orihuela City Council, Ángel Luis Muñoz, has presented the conference against Racial Discrimination that includes various activities programmed in collaboration with Vega Baja Acoge, the Columbares association and the Orihuela RedRead More

Local Daily News 17th March

National Geographic focuses on Easter in Orihuela National Geographic has published an article on its website in which they present the 26 Holy Weeks in Spain that are recognized as Festivals of International Tourist Interest. Among them, the Holy Week in Orihuela has this recognition, granted in 2010 by theRead More

The UK and Spain reach agreement over driving licence exchange for UK licence holders living in Spain

From today (16 March) UK licence holders are able to exchange their UK licence for a Spanish one without having to take a driving test For six months from today UK licence holders resident in Spain will be able to legally drive again on their valid UK licence whilst theyRead More

Local Daily News 16th March

Legal text over british driving licenses approved by government The Spanish Government has approved the legal text surrounding the ability for British citizens to exchange their driving licences for a Spanish one without the need to take a driving test. After years of negoitations, cabinet finally approved the agreement whichRead More

Local Daily News 15th March

Spanish military complete first round of training for ukrainians on tanks Spanish military forces have been training 55 Ukrainian troops in Zaragoza on how to use and operate Leopard battle tanks. This week has seen the completion of the first round of training on the Leopard 2 A4 battle tanks.Read More

Local Daily News 14th March

Micro rocket to be launched from Spain PLD Space’s MIURA1 sub-orbital launcher will operate up to four times a year, and launch from the El Arenosillo launch site at Huelva, in Andalusia. The firm announced during Friday’s press conference that it has plans to develop a larger launcher in theRead More

Local Daily News 13th March

The National Police dismantles a clandestine cocaine laboratory in Benijófar Agents of the National Police have arrested a 47-year-old man of Spanish nationality as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of drug trafficking. The agents attached to the Narcotics Group of the Elche Police Station began an investigation related toRead More

Local Daily News 12th March

The Vega Baja Sostenible Consortium unanimously approves its Bio-waste Management Master Plan The Vega Baja Sostenible Consortium has today unanimously approved its Bio-waste Management Master Plan. “With this plan, we advance in our promotion of waste minimization and its environmental impact in Vega Baja,” said the president of the Consortium,Read More

Local Daily News 11th March

The wind causes damage in Orihuela and outdoor activities were suspended The wind is the protagonist of the day this Friday, reaching gusts of 55 km/h in the center of Orihuela and more than 80 km/h in the outskirts. These gusts have caused a palm tree to fall on theRead More

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