Author: Lydia Kay

Local Daily News 10th March

PILOT CHARGED WITH ENDANGERING AIR SAFETY AFTER TESTING POSITIVE FOR DRUGS A pilot working for the DGT who crashed his helicopter has been arrested after testing positive for cocaine and methamphetamine. Courts in San Lorenzo de El Escorial released the 60-year-old man on bail ahead of his trial on suspicionRead More

Local Daily News 9th March

FORMER REGIONAL PRESIDENT OF MURCIA JAILED FOR CORRUPTION The former PP regional president of Murcia – Pedro Antonio Sánchez – has been jailed for three years for his involvement in the ‘Auditorio case’. Sanchez was found guilty of corruption and malfeasance in connection to the construction of an auditorium inRead More

Local Daily News 8th March

Pedro García Aguado, among the speakers at the II Congress “Reinventing education” in Torrevieja The Torrevieja City Council has presented the second congress “Reinventing education”, which will take place on March 11, this time at the Torrevieja International Auditorium. As in the first edition, a total of 6 speakers ofRead More

Local Daily News 7th March

Government announces new gender equality legislation The government has announced a new law which will ensure there is no gender inequality in politics or business. On Saturday prime minister Pedro Sanchez announced the new legislation which will apply gender parity to electoral lists, boards of directors of big companies andRead More

Local Daily News 6th March

The Torrevieja hospital, a benchmark in Alicante in fresh bone and cartilage allograft The knee unit of the University Hospital of Torrevieja has performed two new transplants with fresh osteochondral allograft (bone and cartilage) and, in this way, is positioned as the center in the province of Alicante that hasRead More

Local Daily News 5th March

Uproar in Catral for the door-to-door waste collection service The upcoming implementation of the ‘door-to-door’ waste collection system in Catral has caused a stir in the municipality due to the rejection of a large part of the residents of the town. On March 6, the ‘door-to-door’ service will begin graduallyRead More

Local Daily News 4th March

FOUR ARRESTED IN CONNECTION TO DATE-DRUG ROBBERIES Policia Nacional have detained four people in connection to robberies carried out after victims were drugged. Investigators say that three were detained in Madrid and one in A Coruña, after a number of complaints were raised by people who had been on dates,Read More

Local Daily News 3rd March

47 DETAINED OVER BREXIT VISA FORGERIES Policia Nacional in Marbella have arrested 47 people in connection to a number of criminal gangs who were understood to be falsifying documents for British citizens who wished to remain in Spain illegally over the 90 day in 180-day period. In a series ofRead More

Local Daily News 2nd March

DETECTIVES WORKING TO DISCOVER IF CRIME COMMITTED IN MISSING LEVI DAVIS CASE Mossos d’Esquadra have said that detectives have now been assigned to investigate if a crime has been committed in relation to the dissapearance of Rugby player Levi Davis. It is four months since the 24-year-old was last seenRead More

Local Daily News 1st March

The number of minors who enter the Emergency Room after attempting suicide multiplies by five in 2 years Suicide attempts in the child and adolescent population between the ages of 11 and 18 who enter the ER have multiplied by almost five in two years, which gives an idea ofRead More

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